Friday, May 4th, 2012
Journalists and bloggers have posted nearly 11,000 'call outs' for expert sources and case studies to quote in their stories, via free sourcing site SourceBottle (

Since it started nearly three years ago, the site’s popularity has increased as awareness of the service has grown and more and more journalists and bloggers have used it to find quality sources.

SourceBottle Founder Rebecca Derrington said she started the site in response to inefficiencies she observed while working as a public relations professional.

“Journalists and, to a lesser extent, bloggers were being inundated with unsolicited and often irrelevant PR pitches, while thousands of interesting businesses were going unnoticed because many journalists were sticking to their usual sources.

“I felt that the whole process was flawed and would work better in reverse, with journalists and bloggers ‘calling out’ for sources so we could collectively find them and pitch them to the relevant journalist or blogger,” she said.

“And with the increasing pressures being felt by hard-working journalists in the media, I imagined a service like that, which would complement their traditional sourcing methods, would be well received.”

However, Ms Derrington said she’s been a little surprised at some suggestions the service has made life ‘a little too easy’ for journalists and bloggers.

“I’m not at all sorry for creating a service that’s easy to use and both efficient and effective at connecting journalists and bloggers with a broader network of potential sources than most could access on their own.

“This is particularly true since utilisation of the service has hit an all-time high. We currently have over 670 call outs and requests for sources ‘live’ on the site right now. That’s a new record for us.

“And these call outs and requests have been emailed to our nearly 14,000 subscribers and shared with our more than 20,500 Twitter followers, which generally nets journalists and bloggers great results.”

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SourceBottle is a free online service for journalists and bloggers to find expert sources and case studies on demand. The service also caters to PR pros and businesses looking for public relations marketing opportunities. Journalists and bloggers post 'call outs' for sources via the site, which are then emailed for free to subscribers twice each week day. For more, visit
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