Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
There is now a real and relevant solution for those unable to leap the gap at the bottom rungs of the funding ladder. Crowd Funding offers the seed of great ideas to take root and flourish.

Creative minds are fertile ground for wonderful ideas. Each day, those with commercial endeavours, artistic pursuits, and community initiatives dream of the new and the obtuse, things that can help make the world a better place, to brighten our lives, or to simply move forward with some entrepreneurial project that will see the next Bill Gates grace the pages of our papers.

But all too often these great ideas don’t take root, and the seedling simply withers and dies. Exposure to the banks with their tight fiscal policies, or introduction of these new concepts to venture capitalists who really aren’t venturing (collectively referred to as the “dream-takers”) traditionally kills creativity. True early stage seed funding is rare, and money for something that is just a damn good idea doesn’t exist.

Unless the initiator of ideas can jump through hoops and perform circus tricks (or, at best, is willing to give away the lion’s share of equity in the rare gem of an idea that comes around), the ideas are packed back into their box, shelved, and put away with all of the other ideas that never again see the light of day.

However, there is now a real alternative and an option that allows project creators a way to raise money from their networks in a low risk environment – Crowd Funding. Crowd Funding describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to support efforts initiated by other people or organisations. Local Crowd Funding sites, like iPledg, provide a place where project creators can post details of their project and to which they can bring their networks to pledge money.

“People pledge money to projects on iPledg because they know and like the project creator, are passionate about the cause, or want one of the enticements (rewards) offered in exchange for their pledge,” says Bryan Vadas, Marketing Director of iPledg.

“Project creators then engage their networks, usually through Facebook, Twitter and the like to come and make pledges of any amount in an effort to get to the funding target within the funding timeframe.”

“If they reach the target in the timeframe, then the money is theirs. If they fall short, then no one parts with a cent, and the project creator goes back to the drawing board – this is what is meant by ‘all or nothing’ funding,” said Vadas.

Vadas describes iPledg as the world’s broadest based Crowd Funding platform, as it provides entrepreneurs, those in the creative arena (films, arts, music, etc) and aspiring charitable and community programs with an avenue to test their concepts and ideas. This approach has minimal financial risk to project creators and at the same time provides social proof for the concept.

“Currently, project creators are able to list their project for free as we have waived our $250 listing fee for an introductory period,” Vadas said.

“This means that projects cost nothing unless the funding target is reached, and these costs can be factored into the funding target.”

Crowd Funding is proving to be one of the fastest growing forms of ecommerce in the world at present and is showing that the proof is really in the pudding.

In the last month alone one project in the USA raised over a million dollars for development of an iPhone accessory, but their mantle was quickly eclipsed by a project that saw 62,000 backers pledge a total of over $2mil to the development of a video game. Such is the power of “the crowd”.

Crowd Funding is proving to be the place where microfinance meets broad social networks of the project creator, with the result being the ability to raise funds quickly and simply, without the need for loans or surrendering of equity.

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iPledg is a crowd funding platform on which those with creative, commercial, charitable, and community endeavours can engage their networks to raise funds for a range of initiatives.

Whilst largely unheard of in Australia, Crowd Funding is the world’s fastest growing form of e-commerce. Since our inception, we have been overwhelmed by the response from governments, universities, industry bodies, companies and individuals who all wish to engage and explore our platform to their benefit.
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