Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Live TaxiEpay together with the Australian Taxi Academy and two of Melbourne’s biggest taxi operators: Taxi Link and Ambassador Cabs, have today joined forces to save the livelihoods of the thousands of Australian’s that have just lost their jobs in Victoria! With over a 1000 1st Fleet job losses announced today and another 4,200 Victorian Government job losses to come, this joint venture will create hundreds of new jobs immediately for suffering redundant workers and their families.

In surely one of the biggest initiatives to hit the struggling Australian economy, the Australian Taxi Academy is offering free taxi driver training to redundant workers with training commencing Monday. What’s more these newly qualified taxi drivers will have secured jobs with Taxi Link (owned by Harry Katsiabanis) and Ambassador Cabs (owned by John Vlassopoulos), who combined have places for several hundred drivers. Other operators are already lining up to lend their assistance as well to ensure redundant workers that complete the training successfully have jobs to go to!

Many 1st Fleet employees have been sitting behind the wheel for years if not decades, and even if this is a temporary solution to look after them and their families not to mention the 4,200 Government job losses, surely it’s one that the Victorian Government must support in any way they can!

In fact, the Australian Taxi Academy is requesting the Victorian Government’s support to cover the 10 day loss of income for these ex-truckies and Government workers through a special subsidy to match the contribution of Australian Taxi Academy, Live TaxiEpay and Taxi Link and Ambassador Cabs.

Harry Katsiabanis, owner of Taxi Link, said, “In these tough economic times we have to come together as a community to help each other. We have a driver shortage in the Melbourne Taxi Industry and we have people that need to pay bills. If this initiative goes some way to closing the gap then the taxi industry has put something back into the community.”

In another industry first, Live TaxiEpay has just announced the massive $30,000 “Beat the Winter Blues” campaign, which runs until the end of June. In these tough times, Live TaxiEpay is giving away 5 amazing holidays to 5 lucky taxi drivers, providing them a well-earned break and trip of a lifetime.

Tom Varga, CEO of Live TaxiEpay, said: “Not only are we contributing to the cost of the training program but we are giving people a way of covering their living expenses while they get back on their feet. For years the Taxi Industry has been a way for many people to make a living and the drivers impacted by today’s news are already highly qualified and ready to go. They will even be eligible to win the holiday offered in the “Beat the Winter Blues” promotion so this really could be life changing. We know this is not much but even if it helps a few hundred people impacted that is a start.”

Anyone interested can contact Live TaxiEpay on 1300883703 or email us at [email protected] Tom Varga and Harry Katsiabanis welcome interviews to discuss this new initiative and other issues facing the taxi industry in Australia. Please contact Cherie Cooper 0424 344 440 [email protected] to arrange an interview.

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