Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

As the rate of cloud adoption continues to increase, so too is the need for more network bandwidth. In a recent survey, 60% of organisations surveyed have already made the move to the cloud and 55% have implemented a videoconferencing system to decrease costs and improve business flexibility. However, this videoconferencing adoption is putting the most strain on network bandwidth - it is anticipated that video will consume almost half of network bandwidth by the end of the year.

“The reality of the acceleration of cloud-based IT activities is that bandwidth usage is only going to increase and that increase is likely to happen at a great pace,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“This creates a challenge for organisations in terms of managing bandwidth usage to control its associated costs. Effectively, there are only a handful of options an organisation can take. It can:

  1. Limit bandwidth usage
  2. Increase bandwidth usage as per business needs
  3. Adopt sophisticated management tools

“The first option will most likely lead to unsatisfied users, whilst the second option would prove to be too expensive to be sustainable. The third option is probably the most efficient option. This option would allow organisations to plan their usage, especially when it comes to intensive usage brought on by videoconferencing. To plan such usages, organisations will need to implement policies where videoconferencing will need to be booked in advance and monitored against pre-arranged budgets,” advised Kareem.

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