Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
The latest Roy Morgan Single Source data reveals a vastly different profile for the television audience attracted by each of the two biggest cooking programs, Network 10’s MasterChef Australia and the Seven Network’s My Kitchen Rules.
Although both programs deliver large television audiences, the particular characteristics of each audience are quite different; e.g. more than 40% of MasterChef Australia viewers are ‘Big Spenders’ (in terms of their discretionary expenditure), compared to less than 35% of My Kitchen Rules viewers.

Discretionary Expenditure Level

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January-December 2011 (n = 18,935).  Discretionary Expenditure segments are based on a respondent’s discretionary expenditure level, taking into account elements such as credit cards, entertainment, household appliances & furniture, mobile phones & internet, travel & accommodation, leisure activities, personal services, internet purchasing, fast food, wine, and proposed spending on items such as a new car, as well as considering household income.

Data for the 12-month period January-December 2011 also reveals that, compared to the Australian population 14+, MasterChef Australia viewers are more likely to be tertiary educated, married with chidren, AB socio-economic Gen Xers who shop at big department stores. Conversely, My Kitchen Rules viewers are more likely to be older, less confident consumers who shop at discount retailers and tend to me more worried about physical issues such as their cholesterol level and weight.

The following table highlights some of the key differences between the audiences of the two programs.

Viewer Profiles: MasterChef Australia, My Kitchen Rules (compared to Australians 14+)

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January-December 2011 (n = 18,935). *Respondents to alcohol questions are aged 18+. ‘Viewer Profiles’ are based on variables for which viewers of that program index more highly (compared to Australians 14+).

The data indicates that MasterChef Australia viewers are more likely to be avid shoppers interested in fashion and trends.  In an average four week period MasterChef Australia viewers are also more likely to buy clothing, accessories and decorator items for the home, shopping at big department stores and retailers such as Rebel Sport, Ikea and JB Hi-Fi.

George Pesutto, Industry Director – Media, Roy Morgan Research says:
“Although both cooking programs attract mass audiences, each one has quite a distinct audience profile, suggesting that they appeal to very different types of people.

“MasterChef viewers are quite active consumers, who would be a highly attractive audience for brands and retailers across a wide range of categories.  As a marketing vehicle, MasterChef offers access to a valuable group of more affluent consumers with a higher discretionary spend.”


An extensive range of detailed TV program profiles includes MasterChef Australia and My Kitchen Rules.

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