Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
Wavelength International recently launched www.wavies.com.au, an interactive and fun website that showcases the professionalism and satisfaction of working at the multi-award winning medical recruitment company based in Sydney, Australia.

The launch of the new website is testament to Wavelength's unique approach to successfully creating a delightful workplace and encouraging work-life balance. The website aims to attract quality talent by revealing the fun and rewarding life of a Wavie, taking viewers on a virtual tour of the office and providing insight into the realm of benefits available to employees of the high-performing business.

The engaging website boasts a modern design, with key features including, the ability to hover over images to find out more, a quick and easy-to-use job application facility and access to an informative blog focused on sharing HR and recruitment news.

"Since Wavelength’s inception in 1999, we have remained committed to investing in our employees and creating an environment that encourages a work-life balance. We strive to offer our employees extensive benefits, including complimentary breakfast, subsidised fitness classes, flexible working hours and a stimulating working environment, in addition to monetary incentives linked with productivity and performance. When we decided to launch the Wavies website, our goal was to showcase our uniqueness on an online platform to demonstrate to potential employees that Wavelength International is not your ordinary recruitment agency,” says Dr John Bethell, Co-founder Wavelength International.

Claire Ponsford, Co-founder Wavelength International adds, "We are thrilled to launch the new Wavies website which we believe accurately presents the benefits and rewards of being a Wavie. We hope to attract quality talent to join our high-performing and successful team".

Take a look at www.wavies.com.au. Happy browsing!

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Wavelength International

Wavelength International is a niche multi-award winning medical recruitment company based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1999 by Co-Directors Dr. John Bethell and Claire Ponsford, the company focuses on excellence in recruiting doctors for its Australian, New Zealand and international clients. The business has grown an average of 30% per annum since launch and now has over 60 FTE staff. Wavelength is a 2011 BRW "Best Place to Work".
Kellie Egan, HR Manager
P: + 61 2 8353 9000
W: www.wave.com.au


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