Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
How seriously do you take fashion for children living with disabilities? Awaken the senses of children living with disabilities through the use of strong bold colours, fashionable designs and stylish cut clothing. Children living with disabilities deserve to be able to express themselves through fashion and have the right to be able to wear fashionable clothes that other children wear. These children have feelings; they have emotions and deserve the right to be able to face everyday challenges in fashionable clothes.

‘Inspired by Lacey Shea’ designs and manufactures adaptive clothing for children living with disabilities. The clothing range makes it easier and safer for families and support workers to dress and undress children in their care and is practical and suitable for everyday use. The inspiration for 2012 collection is the ‘technicolour summer palate’ – lots of strong, vibrant solid colours.

Around the time of her birth, Lacey suffered two strokes that changed the life of her and her family. Tragically for Lacey, the result has been that she has lived with severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, total blindness and more recently, asthma. With only 40% brain function, Lacey is unable to sit, roll or even respond to the smallest things that most of us take for granted.  Already Lacey has endured several operations. Each time, her fighting spirit and the love of her family have helped her through painful procedures.

It was difficult for Lacey’s parents to find practical and fashionable clothes that made it easy to dress. Lacey finds it difficult to bend and move and uses a specialised wheelchair for mobility that means she requires special features in adaptive clothing.

‘Inspired by Lacey Shea’ started after Lacey’s Grandmother, Ann, talked with her sisters Kay and Lois about the difficulties of dressing Lacey and the struggle to find children’s adaptive clothing that is bright and youth orientated.

Ann has worked in retail stores and knows that clothes for children who live with disabilities are not easily accessible. Kay, Lacey’s Great Aunt was inspired to think about ways of applying her dressmaking expertise to designing and manufacturing adaptive clothing.

She got to work with sketching design concepts, translated these onto drafting papers, got some fabric and started creating samples for families and especially Lacey to test. Lois joined Ann and Kay to lend her expertise to get the business up and running.

“Disability should be no barrier to children’s fashion – Lacey is our inspiration”, said Ann, Lacey’s Grandmother. Whilst the primary focus is designing children’s clothes that are functional, style and fashion trends play a large part. Every child deserves to look good and feel special.

Key features of the Inspired by Lacey Shea garments are:
• Soft fabrics feel good to touch, with added stretch
• Easy opening and closing – snaps/press studs
• High quality durable fabrics
• Machine washable
• Bright fashionable colours
• Well cut designs
• Special adaptations to accommodate medical devices

Designer T-shirts and jumpers are the first of the 2012 ‘Inspired by Lacey Shea’ range, with many new garments and designs under development. Children living with disabilities can now look good and feel great.  The garments are also ideal for children living with heightened sensitivity – such as Asperger’s syndrome and autism – as they are highly sensitive to labels, tags and seam finishes.

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Inspired by Lacey Shea

Inspired by Lacey Shea is a South Australian business that produces clothes for children living with disabilities.

The clothes are made especially to suit children of all needs, including wheelchairs, walkers, bikes and buggies but will suit most children living with disabilities.

Garments are easy to put on, take off and are designed for sitting down using fabrics which are durable and soft on the skin using snap fasteners.

Everything in the range is easy care and machine washable. The colours are bright and trendy and garments feature contrasting trim, and special features to accommodate medical devices.

Taking orders online for gifts is our specialty. We are always keen to improve on our garment functionality and increase the range so we welcome feedback and ideas.
Lois Walsh
P: 08 8254 6152
W: www.inspiredbylaceyshea.com.au/


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