Monday, November 21st, 2016

Vodafone has been the big winner in the Australian mobile phone market over the past year, claiming a larger share of both pre-paid and post-paid services, Roy Morgan Research shows.

In the latest six months to October 2016, Vodafone was the Mobile Service Provider for 19.4% of all consumer phones used by Australians aged 14+ (which includes main mobiles as well as any second and even third mobiles they pay for). This is an increase in Vodafone’s market share of 0.9 percentage points since the same period in 2015.

Market share fell slightly for the other two network operators, Telstra (down 0.1ppts to 39.1%) and Optus (down 0.5ppts to 24.4%).

Between them, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) lost market share over the period, (down 0.3ppts to 17.1% combined), including declines for Virgin (down 0.1ppt to 4.4%), TPG/iiNet (down 0.3ppts to 3.0%), Amaysim (down 0.1ppt to 3.0%).

Bucking the MVNO trend were Boost (up 0.3ppts to 1.4%) and ALDImobile (up 0.2ppts to 1.1%) – both of which are on the Telstra network and only offer pre-paid plans. The combined share of other smaller MVNOs declined 0.3ppts to 4.2%.

Mobile Service Provider Market Share: Consumer Mobile Phones

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, May to October 2015 n = 11,354 and May to October 2015 n = 21,579 Australians 14+ with a Consumer Mobile Phone. Respondents who Don’t Know or Can’t Say provider or Service Type have been excluded from Market Share.

Vodafone increased its share of both pre-paid and post-paid consumer mobile services in operation. Among billed mobile services, Vodafone’s share rose 0.8 ppts to 21.3%; among pre-paid services, it gained 1.3ppts to 16.1%.

Telstra’s small decline overall came from mixed results in the post- and pre-paid markets. In the latest six months, Telstra was the provider for 42.0% of billed services (down 0.2ppts) and 33.8% of pre-paid services (up 0.2ppts).

Optus’s share held steady in the post-paid market, with all its total loss coming from a decline of 1.8ppts to 24.6% in the pre-paid market. 

Michele Levine, CEO – Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Roy Morgan has long measured the market share of mobile service providers across both consumer and business phones, including Australians’ main phone as well as any second and third mobiles they have connected.

 “Roy Morgan’s methodology includes an address-based nationwide stratified probability sample—the only way to get a truly representative slice of the general population, and so deliver accurate results for the whole country or market.

“For example, face to face interviewing with show cards increases the participation of Australians who speak languages other than English at home (LOTE), and the proportion of them in the Roy Morgan sample closely mirrors the ABS figures. This is particularly important for the mobile phone market. As an international brand, Vodafone is actually the largest mobile provider among Australians who speak a language other than English at home. Surveys in which the LOTE market may be underrepresented will inevitably underestimate Vodafone’s overall market share.

“Interviewing over 50,000 Australians annually ensures the results are not only reliable, but usable for granular research including smaller geographical regions such as Geelong and Sunshine Coast where Telstra maintains a strong market advantage.”

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