Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

South Australia’s top executives are lining up to be challenged by an innovative residential leadership program held at Strathalbyn in the Adelaide Hills.

The Kneedeep Executive Leadership Challenge takes groups of business leaders away for a long weekend, but any idea that this is just a junket soon slips away.

“The program starts with some outdoors adventure challenges which are lot of fun, then we continue with a series of programs that gradually increase in intensity,” says Henrietta Child,  who heads the program as managing director of Kneepdeep. “The responses to each scenario vary widely as people display their management styles.

“It really does mimic the life of the average CEO – one minute you can be fairly relaxed and under control, the next you can be under serious pressure. The challenge is to continue to be innovative and creative and to retain your equanimity and build a decent culture within that high-pressure environment.”

Child says that adaptability is the key, and that bringing a group of highly motivated, intelligent people together shows that leaders come in “all shapes, sizes and disguises”.

“There is not one trait that makes a great leader,” Child adds. “You can have excellent leaders who are introverted or extroverted, who are calm and steady or even who are somewhat bull-headed.”
The Executive Leadership Challenge grew from workshops delivered by Kneedeep on behalf of the South Australian Centre for Innovation, including the Growing Global Companies program.
“We heard time and again that C-level executives were too busy to assess their own style and the kind of team that would complement that style,” Child said.
Sam White, Managing Director of The People’s Republic of Animation, said that Kneedeep’s Executive Leadership Challenge allowed him to take some valuable time out from the hectic day-to-day activities of his thriving film and 3D production company.
“It challenged me to question my current beliefs and values and opened my eyes to the power of self-awareness in being a better leader,” he said.
Where to start
Join 15 other top level executives from some of the State's most dynamic organisations to gain greater insights into how to get the best from both yourself and your people.
To find out more about joining the Executive Leadership Challenge, contact Yohan da Silva, Kneedeep. Phone +61 8 7127 4885; mobile +61 (0) 432 187 419 Email [email protected]
About The Executive Leadership Team
Henrietta Child is an experienced facilitator and trainer with over 10 years' experience in developing and delivering training programs in leadership and project management.

Dr Marguerite Kolar is a lecturer in the MBA program at the University of South on Managing Change and in the doctoral program on Changes in Business and Organisational Process.
Audrey Thomas is an accredited Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner, who and has experience in working with global leadership and project teams.
Wayne Enright of Healthy Teams has worked with numerous organisations to assist them in improving the self-management skills and teamwork of their staff through adventure based experiential learning programs.

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KneeDeep focuses on helping people people be more effective in their workplace, through a mix of skill transfer and personal engagement. Our core skills are Project Management, Teamwork and Leadership Development.
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Adelaide execs are lining up to be challenged by an innovative residential leadership program held at Strathalbyn.



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