Monday, April 30th, 2012
It’s no secret mobile phones are replacing the traditional fixed-line telephone as the preferred method of communication. As of December 2011, 88% of the Australian population (14+) owned or used a mobile phone, compared with 83% in 2007. This compares to 80% of the population who have a home phone connection in the household, down from 90% in 2007. These are the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Research Single Source Survey.
Mobile Phone Usage/Ownership & Home Phone Connections

Source: Roy Morgan Research Single Source, 12 month average sample Jan 07 – Dec 11 n = 19,804.

The 25-34 year age group had the highest proportion with a mobile phone (95%), whereas the 65+ age group had the lowest proportion (72%).

Proportions of Age Groups who Own or Use a Mobile Phone

Source: Roy Morgan Research Single Source, Jan 11 – Dec 11 n = 18,641.

Although such a high proportion of the population currently use mobile phones, there are those who consider themselves one of the first to upgrade to new models and types. It is these ‘early mobile phone adopters’ who are likely to exert influence over friends and family when it comes to purchasing mobile phones.

Males account for 55% of these ‘mobile phone early adopters’, compared to 45% for females, and the 14-24 age group was the most likely to contain them.

When looking at the media behaviours of early adopters we see that they aren’t particular interested in reading newspapers, are keen cinema goers and pay TV watchers, they are far more likely to be heavy internet users and digital TV channel watchers than the general population.

Reaching these early adopters can be strategically significant as they have the ability to influence others and offer opinions. The Roy Morgan Mobile Phone Early Adopter Profile offers a comprehensive look at this unique group of people.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:
“Mobile phone adoption has been increasing for many years now, with 88% of the Australian population now using or owning one, and this figure will continue to rise as young Australians are brought up in a mobile phone using culture. As a consequence of increasing mobile phone usage we are seeing a drop off in household fixed-line connections. As the world grows accustomed to person-to-person communication rather than house-to-household, the future of the household landline looks bleak.”

The latest detailed Roy Morgan Early Technology Adopter Profiles offer a comprehensive look into those who like to buy and stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

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