Monday, April 30th, 2012
Move over professional critics and make way for the opinion of the every-day customer as online customer reviews continue to grow in influence. Word Of Mouth Online ( has just announced a Member Rewards Program - allowing consumers to earn 'influence points' for reviewing businesses and sharing their word-of-mouth. Points can be redeemed for Westfield, iTunes or WISH grocery and fuel vouchers.

Customer reviews are not a new phenomenon but this program recognises the value of the collective knowledge of the community and rewards individuals for contributing and sharing their experiences, says Fiona Adler of Word Of Mouth Online.

"Every customer is entitled to their opinion and online reviews are a fantastic way to help people find the best businesses, and avoid the worst. Who is to say that one person's opinion is worth more than yours or mine?"

Reviewing businesses can be a great way to vent frustrations or compliment businesses that provide great service. So does this mark the end of an era for the professional restaurant reviewer? Adler believes so and with having over 96,000 members, she might be right.

It’s not just restaurants that are up for review, the site covers industries as diverse as; accountants, beauticians, cleaners, computer service companies, dentists, doctors, dog walkers, electricians, florists, funeral directors, gardeners, gymnasiums, hairdressers, marriage celebrants, mechanics, naturopaths, photographers, plumbers, removalists, solicitors, tilers, vets, waxing services, and pretty much any other business that provides a service.

With more and more online customer reviews being contributed, the marketplace is becoming a democracy where businesses now have to earn the right to positive promotion. Dodgy businesses have nowhere to hide and great businesses are brought to our attention based purely on their customers’ word-of-mouth. Adler says; “It’s just like old-fashioned word-of-mouth, but on steroids. We’re handing customers a megaphone and letting them broadcast their experiences online. Thousands of people tell us they consult online reviews before making any purchase decisions now, so it’s having a huge influence.”

True to form, the reviews site itself is up for review and a quick skim through the feedback shows customers love reviewing and using other people’s reviews to choose businesses. (WOMO’s own reviews are here:

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