Monday, October 19th, 2009

Research recently conducted by independent property educators 'Property Women' shows that over 82% of female respondents are planning to buy their first or next investment property within 12 months.

Although according to the research a small percentage of women felt that their husband holds them back (9%), the top two challenges for women are finding the right property and finding the right finance.

With the effects of the Global Financial Crisis affecting confidence in the property market and Banks tightening their lending criteria, it seems woman are seeing beyond the doom and gloom and looking to buy property now!

With women continuing to lag behind men when it comes to full time average weekly earnings, it’s no wonder they’re looking to find alternative methods to balance the scales and investing in property to do just that.

Some say that these are challenging times for the real estate and financial markets. However Property Women define themselves as the silver lining in the cloudy real estate market, and one only has to read their latest best-selling book to understand why.

‘Property is a Girl’s Best Friend’ has been on the top of John Wiley & Son’s best selling business book list since it was launched at the end of August, and that’s without the 600 sold directly from in the first 4 weeks. Author and highly successful property investor Rachel Barnes, who purchased 75 properties in less than six years, believes the success of this book indicates strongly that women are eager to learn, poised to take action and committed to taking control of their own destiny now more than ever before in history.

Although the book is helping thousands of women find out more about property investing, Barnes points out that it’s not enough. “There are many facets to learning, and reading is just one of them. I’ve found that workshops are the ultimate learning experience particularly for women, in a testosterone- free environment,” Barnes says with a smile. Barnes goes on to say, “For example, at the Property Women Annual Conference this year, there are no male delegates and women will be able to comfortably expand their knowledge through listening, watching, asking questions and applying some of the techniques they learn with practical exercises, and it’ll be fun! That’s the ultimate learning opportunity."

The theme for PW’s annual conference (October 31st and November 1st 2009) this year has been designed specifically to help women with these two biggest challenges ‘Finding the Deal and Finding the Money’ by bringing together a ‘brains trust’ of speakers to answer both issues so that nothing holds these women back.

Some real estate agents may be getting excited that there will be a lot more buyers in the market soon as these women leave the conference with confidence to buy their next investment property. As it is, the research shows that 68% of women want to find the right property to purchase.

However, Barnes warns agents that these delegates will be well informed too. “They’ll be able to work out for themselves whether a deal is good or not, so don’t underestimate them or you’ll lose a potentially good long term customer”. Barnes explains that many agents really don’t understand the objectives of an investor and expects that reputable and progressive agents will also be attending the conference for their own education and the opportunity to understand and network with delegates.

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Women investing in property with confidence and the right knowledge

Property Women was founded in Australia in 2006 and early in 2009 launched into New Zealand. Property Women provides independent education, information, inspiration and association for women involved in property.
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Revealing research has recently been conducted by independent property educators, 'Property Women'.


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