Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Mums of Gawler is the latest Lego model or purple sparkly nail polish not your thing? Have you already started practicing your “oh my gosh I love my present and I’m totally surprised” expression? Or are you simply tired of receiving presents that have a hidden agenda? Then listen up because Gawler has a solution to your problem.

To ensure you receive what you desire for Mother’s Day this year Gawler has created the ‘Hintogram’. Aimed at steering your family members in the right direction when purchasing your well-deserved Mother’s day gift, the process is quick and simple.

“This year Mothers aren’t leaving their presents to chance,” says Sigrid Murljacic, Business Liaison Officer for The Gawler Business Development Board.

“Those mums tired of receiving kitchen utensils and presents with hidden agendas from their husband and children can now use the Hintogram and ensure they get what they deserve,” she says.

Local traders in Gawler are getting behind the Hintogram as it enables mothers to create their own wish list and sow the seeds of thoughtful gift ideas for their family members to get them.

“Response to the Hintogram has been unbelievable and many mums are finding it a great tool for making sure they get the gift they desire without hurting anyone’s feelings,” said Sigrid.

So once you know what you would love to receive for Mother’s Day, head to the Gawler website - and fill out the Hintogram. An anonymous tip will simply be emailed to your family and while we can’t guarantee you will receive what you wished for – at least you won’t be leaving your important day to chance. After all didn’t your mother always tell you, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself?!”

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Gawler Business Development Board

Established in 1839, Gawler was the first country town established in South Australia and is one of South Australia’s largest and most significant historic towns. Gawler is located 42km north of Adelaide, adjacent to the Barossa Valley Wine District and is a busy and bustling town with some 20,000 residents and 400 businesses.

In 2002, the Gawler Business Development Group was established, comprising of a consortium of local businesses, elected members and Council staff who identified that the weight of competition from shopping centres outside the Town of Gawler were having a measurable impact on the operations of the local businesses. In establishing the group, the Town of Gawler identified that local businesses need a representative voice on matters affecting business concerns, issues and changes occurring within the region.

The Gawler Business Development Group identifies that developing meaningful partnerships is vital in supporting individual businesses. The board consists of 7 to 13 local business owners and representatives who are nominated at annual meetings for a period of two year terms.

In July 2011, The Gawler Business Development Group became an Incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985. The objective and purposes of the Association are;

1. To promote and market the business of the Town of Gawler
2. To develop and adopt strategies to develop, manage, co-ordinate and fund marketing initiatives
3. To support and encourage economic viability of business generally within the Town of Gawler
4. To represent the interests of the business community

The Gawler Business Development Group Inc. will continue to look at developing initiatives that focus on projects that are beyond the scope of individual small business with the aim of improving repeat loyal customers, increasing customer numbers and generating improved profits.
Sigrid Murljacic
P: 0402 347 920


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