Friday, April 27th, 2012
A rare form of quiet could descend on Adelaide communities from this week. The barking dogs, as well as the crying, digging and chewing which is currently a feature of the city’s backyards, could be reduced as a new daycare facility for dogs opens in Keswick.

“Doghouse Daycare offers dogs play, enrichment and most important of all, lots of love and company,” said Manager, Peta Newbold.

Modern work patterns can involve dog owners having to spend long periods away from home during the day. Studies on dog behavior have shown the experience of being alone can be more traumatic for dogs than people realise, she added.

“It can lead to antisocial behaviors and dogs being given up to shelters because owners believe they have become unmanageable.”

Dog whisperer and behaviourist George Lygidakis has travelled around Australia for more than 25 years helping owners with dog behavior problems. He says many of the issues we see with dogs today can stem from frustration, anxiety and boredom while they are at home alone.

“Dogs are social pack animals and if their instinctive needs, which include socialisation are not met, they can quickly develop behavioural problems,” he said.

When owners realise their dog is fretting while they are at work, some decide to introduce another dog to the family home. This can help but it is not a viable option for most people.

“Another alternative is daycare,” George said. “It is a great option for dog owners who would like to either enrich their dogs lives or provide a more nurturing and social environment while they are away."

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Doghouse Daycare

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• Peta Newbold Doghouse Daycare 0447604101
• George Lygidakis, Sitdropstay 0416508549

Doghouse Daycare opens on Wednesday May 2. It offers daycare for dogs, grooming and dog taxi.

Address: 10 Eton Road, Keswick, SA 5035
Phone: 08 8293 6791
Hours: 6.30am – 7.00pm

Peta Newbold, Doghouse Daycare
P: 0447604101


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