Thursday, April 26th, 2012
The principal of Dumora Super Admin, Chartered Accountant Vince Knauth, is introducing his new web site for trustees and accountants to access SMSF services Australia wide.

The four areas of service that will help in the operations of the SMSF are:

1. Accounting and bookkeeping;

2. Auditing;

3. General administration, advice and consultation;

4. Services to accountants.

Dumora Super Admin's (DSA) accounting and bookkeeping services offer trustees the capacity to prepare SMSF accounts and the regulatory tax return. DSA uses modern SMSF specific software for efficient execution of accounts preparation and operates in close consultation with the trustee for the trustee’s understanding and confidence.

The trustee would nominate an auditor to audit the accounts and superannuation compliance. DSA has a panel of such auditors for the trustee’s consideration.

Where the trustee arranges for the preparation the fund’s accounts there remains the necessity of having the fund audited. While the audit will be undertaken professionally, according to standards, clients will be supported and advised at the same time. DSA's audit services target Self Managed Superannuation Funds so the accountant's existing relationships in other accounting and tax matters are preserved and respected.

On a consultation basis a trustee may wish to seek assurance or assistance as to what to do in a particular circumstance. Excluding investment advice DSA can help in management, processes, effects of varying timing and strategy options, compliance issues. If the trustee has any concern DSA is here to advise. This service is a valuable resource for trustees.

For accountants DSA offers its services as independent auditors, preserving the accountant’s relationships with the client. DSA uses the internet as much as possible for the transfer of information and documents and allows Australia wide servicing. Also, DSA can provide any of the other services previously mentioned with the proviso that should DSA be undertaking the audit DSA's independence is not compromised by such other services.



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