Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Currently Famous lets you stay up-to-date with the latest celebrity news every minute of the day.

Celebrity news happens constantly, and in today's fast paced world it's easy to lose touch. With Currently Famous you can stay up to the minute with what's happening in the world of gossip by simply downloading an app. It then brings the hottest news straight to your phone.

Using some clever technology, Currently Famous keeps an eye on social networks, like Twitter, and works out what celebrity news is trending every 15 minutes. If it sees an article that is rapidly becoming a hot topic, it sends a notification straight to your phone.

Currently Famous also allows you to browse a top 50 list automatically curated from the past hour, and another of hot articles from today. You can save headlines to read later and share hot goss with friends via email, Twitter and Facebook.

"We're convinced that people want quick access to news like celebrity gossip on their smartphones," explains Richard Giles, co-founder and Managing Director of Dujour Technology. "They also don't want the hassle of having to delve into the phone's settings, and just want to press a button to see interesting news."

"That's why we've created a simple app that needs zero setup. Press a button and up to the minute celebrity news is ready to read."

"We like to think we're making it simple for people to get interesting news. Just like a personal assistant who is scouring the world for the hottest gossip, and sending you a message when they find something cool."

Currently Famous is available today for free for Android and iPhone smartphones.

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