Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
Sydney, Australia – April 24, 2012: SimpleRoam, a world-leading, post-paid telecommunications provider, today announced Australian organisations could dramatically cut the impact of high data and voice roaming charges and cut the notorious “Bill Shock” effect by up to 85 per cent.

Simple Roam is a highly secure, easy-to-use service which allows enterprise and government organisations to provide their travelling workforce with data and voice roaming but at significantly lower rates and at a predictable cost, while keeping their Australian phone number. SimpleRoam requires only the installation of a SimpleRoam SIM card into an existing mobile device for voice and data - or for data only, the traveler to use a small mobile Wi-Fi ‘dongle’ to connect up to five devices.

SimpleRoam vice president, global sales, Tony Wright, said the high and increasing costs Australian businesses had to pay to access critical voice and data while travelling was a risk to productivity, leading people to potentially abandon their mobile devices while they were away from Australia.

“This phenomenon of ‘Bill Shock’, which has been identified in the major news outlets in recent times, doesn’t just hit consumers – it is also a real danger to productivity. It is getting so bad that businesses and travellers are actually considering not even taking their mobile devices overseas when they travel. What does that mean for productivity and communication?” Mr Wright said.

According to recent media reports, a study by Macquarie University found “"Bill Shock" costs Australia more than $557 million a year. At the same time, the growth of mobile data devices and data usage away from the office is skyrocketing. In 2011, the ANZ media tablet market surpassed the one million mark, ending the year with 1.67 million units shipped, according to analyst firm, IDC.

“At SimpleRoam we understand the issue of needing to use mobile devices while travelling but also that it shouldn’t cost the earth. SimpleRoam is about organisations, enterprise and government, providing their employees with access to the productivity enhancing data and voice services they need but at a manageable, predictable cost,” Mr. Wright said.

SimpleRoam has specific data-only, voice-only and combined data and voice solutions.

For voice usage, SimpleRoam allows business customers to reduce the significant cost of making phone calls, by virtue of its relationship with over 250 telecommunication carriers around the world. This allows users to pay the cost of a comparable local call while they are using the service in a foreign country, rather than paying roaming tariffs. SimpleRoam also allows users to keep their Australian based phone number, a significant benefit of the service which adds to productivity.

For data usage while travelling, SimpleRoam allows businesses, for the first time, to aggregate, plan, cap and budget for their roaming costs, for individual workers and for the entire fleet, which means they can predict and manage their data costs ahead of time.

“This means an organisation’s financial controller can breathe easily while the employees can get on with business, regardless of where they are because everyone will know exactly how much their roaming costs will be per day and therefore how much to budget to for,” Mr Wright said.

“Taken together, we believe the ability to aggregate costs for data, and treat international calls as local ones, can save our customers up to 85 per cent on their roaming data and voice costs.”

For a small additional fee SimpleRoam is also able to provide a Wi-Fi solution which allows users to access the internet from any of their SimpleRoam supported countries on a capped plan, and even allows them to connect up to five devices over that network connection. SimpleRoam also provides a dedicated helpdesk, accessible 24x7 from all supported countries and for businesses, the SimpleRoam integrated Audio Conferencing Bridge allows travelers to dial in to conference calls and businesses will only pay for bridge access cost – call costs are free.

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