Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
In light of the recent public debate concerning the inadequate Newstart Allowance, the National Union of Students has renewed its call to the Federal Government to review the current rate of Youth Allowance.

“It is of great concern that Australians live on $34.70 a day under the Newstart allowance, but people should consider that our students are required to live on, at most, 28.75 a day” said Rogan McMahon-Hogan, National Welfare Officer.

“As winter draws near, students are going to be increasingly forced to choose between paying their rent, buying text books, buying food or attending the doctor. This is a choice that no Australian should have to make” said Rogan McMahon-Hogan.

The National Union of Students wholeheartedly believes that the socio-economic status of a student or their family should not be a barrier to the possible education outcomes for a student while at university. Accordingly, the current Youth Allowance provisions must be reassessed.

“Current financial pressures placed on students are increasingly turning full-time students into multiple part-time workers, jeopardizing their academic progress which is ultimately to the detriment of the community that is reliant on the skills of university graduates” said Rogan McMahon-Hogan.

Youth Allowance has not increased in real terms since 1994. The disparity between pensions and allowances continues to grow, which sets the scene for social disadvantage among young Australians.

“We need to support the future of the country” said Rogan McMahon-Hogan, “the government must move to provide a basic level of financial security for people who are studying”.

The government needs to apply the same standards and rates to all payments. “Investing in our youth and investing in an education of Australians is vital to our countries ongoing prosperity” said Rogan McMahon-Hogan.

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The National Union of Students has traditionally been a key vehicle for students to have an active role in shaping their higher education system and the society around them.

NUS is the peak representative body of all tertiary students in Australia and strive to protect the rights of all students, organising campaigns across the country involving all States and their respective campuses.
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