Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

THE Cities of Cockburn and Fremantle are stepping out together for Walk Week from November 2 to 8, highlighting the many benefits of walking at a personal, community, workplace and environmental level.

Tying in the with the anniversary of Heart Foundation Walking, walkers are invited to join the Fremantle-Cockburn TravelSmart Trek from 9.20am, November 2, at Pioneer Reserve, opposite Fremantle Railway Station, for a 2.1km to the Left Bank Café.

City of Cockburn TravelSmart Officer Gilly Street said the event was about encouraging people to replace short car trips by walking or using public transport.

“Each year in Perth, more than 90 million private car trips of less than 1km are made and each one of them generates 300g of carbon dioxide,” she said. “That adds up to about 27 million kilograms of carbon dioxide into the environment each year.

“But a 10-minute walk for a person weighing 70kg can burn 176 kilojoules and is a great way to help reduce these emissions.

“Taking up regular walking can reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 50 per cent and can help guard against other chronic diseases such as diabetes and even some cancers.

“The Fremantle-Cockburn TravelSmart Trek is a great opportunity to move your feet during Walk Week.”

Morning tea will be provided for people who use a TravelSmart method to get to Pioneer Reserve, such as public transport, walking or cycling.

The Fremantle-Cockburn TravelSmart Trek is the fourth joint walking event from the two cities, encouraging residents to be more active in a bid for better health while also helping the environment.

Previous events included the 2008 Giant Walk Challenge, last year’s Heart Foundation Walking birthday and the launch of Walking in the City of Cockburn walk trail booklet.

For more details, contact Gilly Street on (08) 9411 3503 or Aaron Kalz on (08) 9432 9957. Information about Walk Week is available at

walk1.jpeg (L-R): City of Fremantle Sustainability Officer Alex Hyndman, City of Cockburn CEO Stephen Cain, City of Cockburn TravelSmart Officer Gilly Street and City of Fremantle CEO Graeme Mackenzie get ready for the Fremantle-Cockburn TravelSmart Trek on November 2.

walk2.jpeg (L-R): Getting reading for the Fremantle-Cockburn TravelSmart Trek at Pioneer Reserve… City of Cockburn TravelSmart Officer Gilly Street and CEO Stephen Cain with City of Fremantle CEO Graeme Mackenzie and Sustainability Officer Alex Hyndman.

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City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn celebrates its 30th birthday in 2009, regarded as one of Perth’s fastest growing and culturally-diverse local governments.

With a population of about 80,000, it has grown into one of Perth’s most dynamic and successful areas. The population is made up of a large percentage of children, families and seniors, and a large percentage of people born overseas (28.8%).

As a developing city, Cockburn has a good mix of residential, rural and conservation areas and has more than 2000 businesses. The City of Cockburn, as a council, has a continuing mission to make the area the most attractive place to live, work and visit in the metropolitan area.
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Cities of Cockburn and Fremantle in WA join forces for Walk Week event


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