Friday, April 20th, 2012 is pleased to announce their new line of products. is an online alpaca product retailer based in Australia. At this website, customers can purchase a wide variety of clothing for men and women, in addition to quilts and rugs.

All the items at are made with the soft, luxurious natural fibre from the alpaca. The alpaca fibre is a light-weight fabric, yet strong. The fibre is hollow, making it a warm fibre, even warmer than wool, yet much softer to the touch and easier to wear. It's so smooth, you will want to wear it right against your skin. The alpaca fibre is an excellent choice for anyone, especially those with allergy problems. The natural fibre contains very little lanolin, making it hypo-allergenic. The stunning fibre is available in nature in over 20 colors. Some of the natural colors are white, camel, grey, brown and black. This means less chemicals are used in the dyeing process. The fibre also dyes easily so the items on are available in a large range of colors. has a wide variety of sweaters, jackets and coats for cool-weather wear. Many items are suitable for layering, making them easy to wear on days when the weather changes quickly. Layer a light-weight jacket over a sweater and you'll experience how soft, light-weight, yet amazingly warm this fabric is. The coats and capes drape nicely, and gives the items grace and elegance.

Although the winter items can keep you toasty warm, the spring and summer clothing items are light-weight and wearable. These warm-weather clothing items are a natural addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

All the items made with the alpaca fibre have a natural sheen and lustre. Any item from the clothing collection will be a stunning addition to your wardrobe and the home items will add beauty to your home. In addition to a large selection of men's wear, woman's wear, offers accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves and shawls. You can also shop for the softest, warmest baby blankets that can be found anywhere. Lovely rugs and quilts will be a welcome addition to any home, no matter how it's decorated. Shop for gifts for anyone on your gift list. The site also offers gift certificates and gift wrapping.

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