Thursday, April 19th, 2012
Gold Coast, Queensland:    Exciting times ahead for locally made comedy feature, THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT, which has been officially selected to have its World Premiere at the GOLD COAST FILM FESTIVAL on Friday 27th April 2012, Event Cinemas Australia Fair.

THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT is a delightfully bright and colourful film with oodles of idiotic moments that will make you either laugh or squirm. Central to the story is the character Joseph Reedman, played by Simon Gray, who brings to life the cringe worthy yet lovable idiot whose prime purpose in life is to be with the woman of his dreams. To achieve this amazing feat he enlists the help of his estranged and spunky rogue brother Liam Reedman, played by Robert Reitano. Together Joseph and Liam go on a comedic journey that provides fun for the whole family.

THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT was inspired by the comedic talents of Simon Gray, who met Director/Writer Nick McLean via their church community in Christchurch. After observing Simon wooing many people with his various hilarious antics, Nick decided to approach him about doing a film based on one of his characters ‘Joseph Reedman’ – an awkward self assured geek with a heart of gold. After Simon’s inspirational offering Nick worked with his wife/executive producer, Angela McLean, and local producers Kris Maric and Craig Kocinski to design THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT. Nick wanted the film to be accessible to young and old, providing a barrel of laughs through admiring the ‘idiot’ moments that seem to bombard the life of Joseph Reedman and his family and friends.

The project was privately funded from Australia and New Zealand and also received great support in the Gold Coast area from a variety of businesses and entities including – Gold Coast Film Festival, Event Cinemas, Gold Coast Art Centre, Robina Braves Baseball Club, Stingray Bar, Gold Coast City Council, Dream Centre Church, Lifeline, Nifsan, Rentsmart, RSPCA, Set Free Central Church, Sofitel, Zarraffa’s [Miami], Wild Blue Music as well as Jorr Pty Ltd. in Melbourne.

Amidst the excitement of getting ready for what looks to be a sellout screening of THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT, the filmmakers have been busy auditioning for their next feature film, QUENTIN’S QUEST, a kids action adventure to be shot on the Gold Coast in 2013. The auditions have attracted an overwhelming response from local and overseas talent.

THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT Gold Coast Film Festival screening is being locally supported by the Stingray Bar who are offering THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT ticket holders an inclusive drink at the After Screening Party for the event. Lead star and professional idiot of the film, Simon Gray (Joseph Reedman), will be there with his co-stars Robert Reitano (Liam Reedman) and Peter Flaherty (Bernard) to bring the night in.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get a little stupid with THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT cast and crew. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased online via and

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The Professional Idiot

THE PROFESSIONAL IDIOT - Comedy Feature Film that get's a little stupid. Sometimes it takes and idiot to get the job done! Meet Joseph Reedman. He has the supporting father, the 9-5 job and a girlfriend on the horizon. He is a god in his own eyes, but to everyone else he is a professional idiot. When his estranged brother Liam lands on his doorstep asking for help, life starts to take an unexpected turn and Joseph is faced with decisions that will alter his structured existence and maybe get him the woman of his dreams.


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