Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
An Australian nutrition company, which has pioneered a range of powdered fruit and vegetables, says recent research proves blueberries may assist in combating breast cancer.

A recent study released in The Journal of Nutrition proves eating blueberries may inhibit breast cancer tumor growth with their ability to suppress the increase and migration of breast cancer cells.

Researchers at the City of Hope University in Los Angeles tested the cancer-fighting qualities of blueberries by conducting two studies on mice with tumors derived from aggressive cancer cells.

Mice are used in cancer research as they share many common features with humans and develop all the types of cancer that humans develop. They also have the same genes involved in a lot of these cancers.

The studies found that tumor size was reduced by 75 per cent in mice fed a low-blueberry diet, which researchers say the blueberry dose required for women to achieve these results is equivalent to two cups of fresh blueberries per day.

Findings in the study also suggested that cancer risk would likely decline from blueberry consumption.

Super Sprout, the company behind a range of 100 per cent pure fruit and vegetable powders, say one of their products provides an easy way to get the daily dose of blueberries.

CEO Melinda Richards says less than two tablespoons of their blueberry powder, which retains all the nutrients, minerals and flavours, is equivalent to two cups of fresh blueberries.

“This research is exciting news for women all over the world battling the disease,” Ms Richards says.

“But women may get sick of eating two cups of blueberries every single day, which is why adding blueberry powder to a variety of meals will allow them to get the recommended intake while still being able to enjoying their food.

“Our powders can be used sprinkled over fruit salads, ice cream, yoghurt, are delicious when added to muffins and can also be used in fruit smoothie recipes.

“The benefit of using Super Sprout powders it that you can add the goodness of real fruit and vegies into dishes you enjoy, and give them more flavour and maximise their nutritional value.”

Melinda says the process of freeze-drying the fruit and vegetables is key to the product range retaining all their goodness.

“Freeze drying has been available for many years, however Super Sprout's unique method extracts water and moisture only leaving the cell structure in tact allowing the nutrients to remain untouched,” Melinda says.

“We provide a product that is unique to both the Australian and international markets, which even after being packaged retains all the goodness of the original food.

“Super Sprout powders are a different way to think about food and are a fantastic addition to your favourite recipe giving it a real boost in nutritional value.”

The entire Super Sprout range includes broccoli sprout, wheatgrass sprout, apple, lemon, strawberry, beetroot, carrot, ginger, blueberry and barleygrass sprout and all have a shelf life of up to three months once opened.

For recipe ideas and more information about the Super Sprout range visit www.supersprout.com.au.

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