Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

On any given day you may find Internet marketing expert, Dean Piazza, from Australia working from his loungeroom at home. 

Piazza is competing against 13,400,000 other website owners in the gym equipment online market. He is also dealing with multi-million dollar companies such as Rebel Sport, Workout World and Life Fitness along with a few others for the same market share. These are all companies with thousands of employees how have huge marketing departments and budgets behind them.

Dean Piazza, a former winner of Australia's Personal Trainer Of the Year Award, said he decided to get involved in online marketing, so he could share his expertise and his passion in helping other Australians have a fit and healthy lifestyle.  He said the online business just grew from there.

The difference between Home Gym Equipment, and his major competitors is that not only is he ranking in the top keyword searches for, treadmill, treadmills, treadmills for sale, he has no onsite employees to deal with like his competitors.

Piazza stated, “I run my entire business online, right here from my comfortable lounge room. My entire staff is located in the Philippines, thousands of km from my home office. I‘ve never meet them in person.

“The team of five people includes my SEO expert, my web designer and I have a content writer.” 

The five member staff seems to be doing well for  Piazza. They are ranking his website at the top of, google.com.au. This is no mean feat when you consider the immense competition Piazza faces. 

At first he tried hiring staff locally. “That just wasn’t working out very well for me. About  eighteen months ago I started researching about outsourcing the work mostly to the Philippines. At first I just did a trial with one person to see how it would go. I’ve not looked back since,” Piazza stated.

After eighteen months of communication by email with his staff, Piazza plans to make his first visit to the Philippines to personally meet his team in person.

Terence, one of the staff said, “We are most excited to have Dean Piazza come to our home in the Philippines.” His excitement is shared by Ivy and Walter as well.

“We use Skype and email to communicate.” Ivy said.  Walter added, “We meet online every morning at 7am and work until 4pm Monday thru Friday. We are an entire virtual online staff. It is great that we will all be able to meet together in person!”

There seems to be no stopping, Team Piazza, in their online quest to dominate the competitive fitness and home gym market. The idea of outsourcing is a method that has proven success for them in winning the internet marketing game.

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Home Gym Equipment sells fitness equipment direct from china online so you save money and time. Founded by expert personal trainer Dean Piazza Home Gym Equipment Australia is dominating the online fitness market with the lowest prices and best advice

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