Monday, April 16th, 2012

Perth, Western Australia:

Perth based GPS tracking service provider Myionu has launched a brand new service aimed at parents and carers to help them monitor their loved ones movements.

The Myionu for Safety device will automatically update its location every five minutes when in motion. Electronic gates (or boundaries) can be set up to raise an automatic email alert when breached. Myionu can handle multiple boundaries; for example, school, bus stops and home. In doing this, parents can receive email notifications when their children leave school, are at the bus stop and when they arrive safely at home. The small device also has a built-in duress button should the child require assistance.

The Myionu Safety device can also monitor other events such as speeding, no-go areas and where multiple devices are used, automatic alerts can be raised if loved ones become separated.

Julia Delaney, Head of Marketing at Myionu says, “as a parent myself, I wanted to be able to use technology to enable me to keep an eye on my children, whilst also allowing them a sense of freedom.” Julia went on to mention, “the Myionu Safety system is an ideal solution, not just for children, but also for young adults and those suffering disabilities, such as alzheimers or dementia.”

This impressive device sells for less than $250 and comes with a lifetime warranty. Monthly subscription to the service is just $30.

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A new personal GPS device will allow parents to monitor kid’s locations



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