Friday, April 13th, 2012
Despite only 4% vision and a lifetime of Osteoporosis, 23yr old Claire Byrne has harnessed her life skills into entrepreneurial success with her business "Calisto Park Equestrian Centre (CPEC)."

Claire provides animal therapy and horse riding education and therapy to people who have disabilities, are at risk, have learning and or social difficulties, ill mental or physical health or who are indigenous Australians.

"We strive to improve the lives of our workers, volunteers, students, service users and their families through our therapeutic animal and equestrian programs" Claire says.

Claire's company "CPEC" was born from the continual frustrations she experienced whilst trying to find a job that accommodated her special requirements.

Already a well seasoned motivational speaker on the topic of empowering those with disabilities, it was while attending the Riding for the Disabled (RDA) event, that Claire was approached to open her own community centre.

This spark of inspiration from RDA, together with the support of her Sarina Russo Job Access mentor, Marion Thursby provided Claire with the belief that could turn her dream into a business reality.

Marion says that "Claire initially had a negative outlook about her career, and felt discriminated against due to her disability. So when she came to me with her business idea, I encouraged her to pursue her passion for helping others into a promising career."

"I had always dreamed of running a riding centre for people with special needs, but had never really been told that I could make that dream real" says Claire.

"The Business Administration course at Sarina Russo gave me the support to set career goals and learn as much as I could, before delving into the long process of setting up a new organisation. My consultant Marion was a great help and explained everything in a way that I could understand and put into practice" says Claire.

"The transformation from when Claire first came into our office, very frustrated after 12 months of unemployment, to now having the confidence to embark on the life changing opportunity to start her own company has been wonderful" says Marion.

"Having the opportunity to study business administration, I am finding my dream is fast becoming a fantastic reality. Thanks to the encouragement and mentoring I received at Sarina Russo Job Access, here I am aged 23 with ambitions and strengths that no one could have ever imagined me having" says Claire.

Claire is truly a remarkable person who has demonstrated with the right support, people with a disability can turn their personal challenges into an entrepreneurial idea to enhance their own and the lives of others.

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