Friday, April 13th, 2012

What Consumers Really Want - good hair, food, and teeth!

Australia's leading business reviews website has today announced the Top 20 Searches - with some surprising results. It's no secret that more and more consumers are basing their purchasing decisions on online customer reviews, but this announcement shows the industries where customer satisfaction matters most.

Business owners know that customer satisfaction is the single most important key to success, and customer reviews website Word Of Mouth Online ( has now revealed in which industries customers most rely on reviews to select the businesses they use.

Top 20 Searches for Business Reviews

1. Hairdressers

2. Bakeries & Cake Shops

3. Dentists

4. Doctors & Surgeons

5. Childcare & Pre School Centres

6. Fish & Chips

7. Obstetricians & Gynecologists

8. Nail Salons

9. Play Centres

10. Chinese Restaurants

11. Pizza Places

12. Cafes

13. Mechanics & Service Centres

14. Massage & Remedial Therapists

15. Beauty Therapists

16. Thai Restaurants

17. Dog Washing & Grooming

18. Burgers & Take-Away

19. Japanese & Sushi Bars

20. House Cleaners

Customers are relying on word of mouth online to make decisions about the businesses they use in all areas of life, but these are the areas where customers most want to reduce the risk and find the best businesses available.

There are some interesting themes emerging in what Australian consumers want...

1) Firstly, our quest for beauty is insatiable with hairdressers, beauty therapists and nail salons all featuring high on the list.

2) Secondly, our health is an area we don’t want to muck around! We want trusted professionals that have the evidence of strong customer reviews to prove they’re good quality. Doctors, dentists, and not surprisingly, obstetricians and gynecologists rank very highly.

3) Thirdly, eating out is a serious endeavour for Australian consumers. We don’t want to risk bad take-away or a meal out. We’re looking for restaurants, cafes and take-away places that other customers love.

4) Businesses related to the care and upbringing of our children rank highly on our list of importance. Our pets also feature in a similar way.

5) The care of our vehicles and houses is also extremely important (and perhaps hard to get right). Mechanics and house cleaners are both industries that don’t have the best of reputations yet we have to trust them with our most valuable possessions. Good businesses in these industries are raking in new customers.

Word Of Mouth Online founder, Fiona Adler, says, “No doubt some industries appear in the top searches because the standards in the industry are particularly low (and we’re consumers want better). Others appear because we’re fussier about these types of services.”

Adler adds that “businesses in these industries with great customer reviews are attracting a lot more customers”.

Online customer reviews are the tangible proof that gives businesses the best indicator of the quality of service.

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