Friday, April 13th, 2012 is the most popular Food/Recipes Website among Australians aged 14+ years, with an average of nearly 1.2 million visitors (6.4%), in an average 4 week period in 2011, according to the latest Roy Morgan Single Source data.

Ranked second is with 473,000 visitors in the last four weeks, followed by Ninemsn Food with 221,000, on 92,000 and Gourmet Traveller website with 52,000 visitors.

In recent years Food/Recipes Websites have shown huge increases in visitor numbers. For example, in the five years since 2006, the number of Australians 14+ who visited at least one of these Food/Recipe Websites –,, Ninemsn Food,, Gourmet Traveller – in the last four weeks increased almost ten-fold, from 138,000 in 2006 to nearly 1.51 million (8.1%) in 2011.

This growth has largely been driven by the huge growth recorded by, which more than tripled its visitors in the three years from 2008 to 2011, as shown in the following chart.


are ‘Early Adopters’ (by selected category) Vs Australians 14+


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January-December 2011 (n = 18,935).  ‘Food/Recipe Website visitors’ = visited,, Ninemsn Food, or the Gourmet Traveller website in the last four weeks.

Similarly, visitors to these Food/Recipe Websites are also more likely to be ‘Trusted Advisers’ (who give product/service advice and share recommendations with friends/family) in related categories, e.g.:
  • 53% are Trusted Advisers on the subject of eating out at restaurants,
  • 30% are Trusted Advisers on buying new food products,
  • 30% are Trusted Advisers for information on health and nutrition.
Food/Recipe Website Visitors who are ‘Trusted Advisers’ (by selected category) Vs Australians 14+
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January-December 2011 (n = 18,935).  ‘Food/Recipe Website visitors’ = visited,, Ninemsn Food, or the Gourmet Traveller website in the last four weeks.
George Pesutto, Industry Director – Media, Roy Morgan Research says:
“The growth of these websites demonstrates the growing demand for food content, with consumers embracing the convenience of access to huge archives of recipes, advice and information on food.
“Magazine brands translate well into channels like online.  Drawing content from their food titles such as ‘Delicious’, ‘Australian Good Taste’, ‘Super Food Ideas’ and ‘MasterChef Magazine’, NewsLifeMedia’s website appears to have struck the right recipe for success in this arena.
“As a communications channel, food/recipe websites like are important to marketers because these sites are attracting highly valuable consumers like Early Adopters and Trusted Advisers.  This represents an important opportunity for new products launching in this category and wanting to generate product trial, and also in terms of reaching those highly influential consumers who also guide other consumers via ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and advice.”

An extensive range of detailed website visitor profiles incluswa, and Ninemsn Recipe Finder (Food).

An extensive range of Media Profiles across internet, social media, television, pay TV, radio provides a broad understanding of the target audience, in terms of demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage in Australia.

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