Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Australian based natural healthcare company Rapid Nutrition has announced the purchase of a 15 percent stake in a US based health technology company to create a revolutionary weight-loss video app.

Nevada based Motivate Health Technology will incorporate its existing products and services as well as consumable weight-loss products developed by Rapid Nutrition in the new joint venture which will be delivered via mobile phones and internet.

The move is expected to gain an important share of the $57 billion dollar annual market for consumer weight loss products and services.

Rapid Nutrition managing director Simon St Ledger said this acquisition is another step forward for Rapid’s global expansion plans.

“The joint venture and the creation of the app will utilise a multi million dollar advertising fund to target the 127 million US adults who are seriously overweight,” Mr St Ledger says.

“The venture will begin by implementing a new weight management program and introduce the app that centers on Rapid Nutrition’s flagship weight-loss program Leisa’s Secret.

“The system used in Leisa’s Secret will be incorporated with Motivate’s existing established coaching system and be available to customers 24/7 via mobile and internet connected devices.”

A US$10 million pre-paid media fund with NewsUSA, a media placement and promotional expert firm has been secured to support the US product launch.

Among NewsUSA clients are WalMart, NASDAQ, AOL, IBM, Coca Cola, Apple, Master Care and Disney.

The structure of the venture will involve Rapid Nutrition co-coordinating manufacturing, fulfillment and customer service management and operations of the coaching system.

Motivate specialises in the application of 21st century media technology and the production of specially created video programming that aims to assist customers in attaining their health goals.

This video programming is much like other online video players, however Motivate has VuShaper, a unique video player that is tailored to health industry needs.

Through VuShaper technologies, Motivate have created the Motivate Coaching System, which runs on the Video Assembly Engine (VAE).

The VAE enables customers personalised programming to deliver targeted, motivational information delivery, much like that of a television, with customers able to view their personal wellness goals “on the fly” to any internet enabled device.

“It is through the technology of Motivate that the Rapid Nutrition/Motivate venture comes into play, utilising both technology and weight-loss programs and services, all in one app,” Mr St Ledger says.

With the success of Leisa’s Secret, Rapid Nutrition intends to become a major participant in the global market for natural health enhancing products.

Leisa’s Secret has achieved success in Australia and contracts are currently in place with South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

In Australia the line is sold through pharmacy distributors and other retail outlets, health food stores, doctor’s offices and naturopathic clinics. The products are also offered through direct catalogue mail order.

The Rapid Nutrition/Motivate deal was achieved through a US$2.25 million share swap between the two companies.

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