Thursday, April 12th, 2012

35 year old Aussie Brady Gunn has announced the launch of GUNN Audio in Australia.

Beginning with 4 models of speaker docking stations, the range focuses on sound quality and unique design.

"Our Mantra is pretty simple. To deliver the best sound, for the least money, from the most innovative designs." He says from his Sydney warehouse.

"We haven't seen innovation in audio for too long. Our music players and lifestyles have changed but the design of our audio equipment hasn't. We believe the best sound and convenience for the best price comes from heavy, well designed, All-In-One speaker cabinets with multiple speakers."

"We don't like wires or multiple black boxes, but we are not necessarily anti size." He continues.
"Our sound systems are quite large and reasonably heavy but we do that for sound quality. The beauty of them is that they are All-In-One units. The amplifier is inside. So apart from the power lead, wires and any other external components are completely eliminated. They also look awesome!"

What can we expect from GUNN audio?

"We will only sell on line at wholesale prices but offer fantastic customer service through our 24 hour phone line. We are introducing Bluetooth and Apple Airplay into our docks later in the year. GUNN Audio is also designing a world leading 'whole house solution' that has never been seen before. Oh, and GUNN Audio Europe launches in July!"

Exciting times for an innovative new Australian brand.

GUNN Audio products are available now.

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GUNN Audio

GUNN Audio is the expert in iPod, iPad, iPhone speaker dock and Bluetooth sound systems.

GUNN is committed to bringing you the best electronic equipment at the best possible prices.

GUNN is passionate about music and technology but believes Australians pay too much for quality products. We sell direct to you on line at warehouse prices. No middle men. 

GUNN is continually developing new and innovative products.

Our team is passionate about fantastic customer service! We'll stick by you and won't let you down.


Brady Gunn
P: 0415 111 251


Electronics Entrepreneur



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