Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Anyone in property management knows that the job isn’t easy and as the role is no longer just about managing landlord relationships, advertising and showing properties to rent, ensuring legal compliance of all documentation & bond lodgements, overseeing property maintenance and rent collection, they’ve increasingly been expected to facilitate utilities connections too.

This has not been for free as companies such as Connect Now, Direct Connect and others have long since rewarded agents in varying amounts for sending business their way, but ask any agent their greatest, repetitive nightmare? “The call on a Saturday night from the tenant who’s just moved in but the power isn’t on…” is the cry of many.

For agents in this situation, who may have simply overlooked sending tenants’ details to a connections company, this can mean picking up the tab on a motel, dealing with furious tenants and quite a lot of stress.

Thankfully things have just changed as a group of Australian property professionals had “a light bulb moment” and launched an online service to help tenants connect their utilities, organise things like removalists, contents insurance or cleaning in one seamless online process as part of their online rental application.

This innovation makes it the tenant’s responsibility to click “connect” but rewards their property managers for processing their online rental application through to leasing, saving time & hassles along the way.

“It’s a win, win” says Click2Rent’s CEO Susie Cole. “The agent suggests utilities or services from an online menu, the tenant chooses what services they want & clicks to connect, so it’s ultimately their responsibility to generate the connections but we reward the agents for their help.”

“Tenants love this new service, available exclusively via’s online rental application system powered by Click2Rent, because we send all their details to the utilities providers, including their move in date, so when they make their selection of Foxtel or internet plan for example, their application is pre-populated and they don’t have to go through the full time wasting interview establishing their ID multiple times” Susie said.

Launched on March 25th via, Click2Rent’s utilities connections service eliminates the nightmare of no power, gas or other utilities when the tenant moves in plus saves agents time in processing multiple rental applications.

For agents who don’t believe it’s their role to get involved in utilities connections at all- and there are a few - this new service will pay them for doing nothing more than leasing via Australia’s newest & most user-friendly online rental application system.

“One of the things agents like about our new service is that they can continue to use their usual supplier(s) for walk in applicants or tenants applying from other websites, we’re not asking them to change their whole modus operandi. We’re encouraging property managers to give the new system a try for their Domain tenants, and they are telling us that it’s making life easier already” Susie said.

With real estate sales slowing and tenant applications increasing, being able to maintain professional communications with all applicants is vital. Long gone are the days when agents could afford to treat tenants in a cavalier manner, ignore applications or even refuse to use online applications because ‘they have their own system’, because if they don’t use them, guess what? their competitor up the road who does use them will gain the lions share of the local rental business.

Click2Rent’s utilities system & generous agent rewards has been welcomed as a real ‘light bulb’ moment for property managers!

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Click2Rent is Australia's most up to date online rental application system, available exclusively to tenants applying for properties advertised on
It allows users to store and reuse data free for unlimited time, enabling them to apply for several properties with the one application, or to update their details when their situation changes, without costs or subscription fees.
Applicants and agents communicate seamlessly via user dashboards, and utilities and services selections are made online, streamlining connections for the tenant and rewarding agents or property managers for their input.
Click2Rent saves agents time, is a courteous communications tool to keep tenants updated on their application's progress and simplifies tenants' utilities applications by sending their details and moving date to suppliers. Click2Rent is renting made easy.
Susie Cole
P: 0414907263


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