Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
A chance meeting on You Tube culminated in today’s launch of a Nostalgic-Classic music video after a year-long, cross-continental collaboration featuring two mutual fans and friends.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7J9qShhXb8)

In 2008, Gabrielle Stahlschmidt posted a link from her video to Grace Bawden’s You Tube channel, with both girls singing Si Volvieras a Mi, made famous by Josh Groban. Bawden (who was the Australia’s Got Talent, Judge’s Choice Grand Finalist in 2008) offered congratulations and praise to Stahlschmidt on her debut video, but little did she know that this brief exchange would bring the girls together several years later through Gabrielle’s manager, Jay Jaworski.

Throughout several lengthy emails and Skype communications, unbeknownst to Bawden, Jay set out on an idea to introduce the two girls to each other with an idea of setting up a collaboration between the two sopranos. Gabrielle graciously took up the idea and invited Grace to feature on a track that was already in the pipeline for Stahlschmidt’s own debut album due for release later in the year.

Jaworski said, "When I mentioned Grace to Gabrielle, she instantly remembered the You Tube exchanges and thus a friendship emerged not just between the girls but also Gabrielle’s sister and violinist, Abigail, and their mothers. It’s been exciting to be a part of such a wonderful journey because everyone contributed to the costs of pulling the project together and we all taught each other and learned from each other’s experiences in the global music market. Neither artist is signed to a major so marketing and other resources are scarce, but this collaboration has overcome much of that, with the generosity of producers and film-makers who believed in the talent of the artists themselves."

The result of this is the epic production and arrangements of the Scorpions cover song, Send Me An Angel.

Gabrielle said, "We call this a nostalgic-classic style as Send Me An Angel is one of those timeless and beautifully written songs that meant something very special to many people of our parents’ generation. We wanted to bring back some wonderful memories that would resonate with our older audiences whilst also introducing it to a much younger fan base also and I think we have managed to do just that."

Grace added, "The lyrics are so wholesome and relevant to many who are searching for meaning and inspiration, especially when so much contemporary music is about anger, violence and anti-social messages. It is not the typical Classical-Crossover song that has been covered by every other artist thousands of times before."


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Grace Bawden

Described as one of Australias greatest operatic discoveries, classical-crossover Soprano, Grace Bawden's voice has already been likened to a Stradivarius. Graces unique vocal talents are an unearthly, powerful & moving marvel, whose voice lingers in the memory & touches the heart.

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