Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
Following the recent success of a new group consulting technique that assisted 78 early stage businesses create a complete investor grade business plan in a single 6 hour group session, this craze is now in Silicon Valley with an event on April 20th.

Whilst many start-ups agree with the basic premise that having a strong business plan is crucial to their success in accessing funding and partnerships, few have the time or financial means to create one.

With the average business plan costing 15-20k for a typical consultant to prepare, this investment can be difficult to justify when you are looking to attract capital. The other alternative is to take 2 weeks out from building the business to write the plan yourself. This is precious time that most business founders simply don't have.

Business Planning HQ has pioneered a new "Group Consulting Technique" that is fast becoming a new craze in the start-up community. Marcus Tarrant, Founder of Business Planning HQ says, "We trialed this approach at 3 separate events in late 2011 for groups of up to 78 companies, and the response was nothing short of astounding. We received rave reviews, and even a standing ovation, something that is generally unheard of in business events."

Following the success of the first 3 events, Business Planning HQ has partnered with The German American Business Association (GABA) in Silicon Valley to hold an event on April 20th at the Plug and Play Tech Center. Tarrant says, "We are excited to bring this totally unique group consulting craze to Silicon Valley."

In these power packed sessions, attendees are facilitated through a unique group consulting technology known as HyperQuestions. Each attendee is facilitated through a standard process, however they effectively have their own personal consultation by working inside a toolkit that dynamically generates questions based on their own business situation.

“This approach enables us to bring the cost down from 15 -20K and 2 weeks to just $375 and 6 hours. Each attendee walks away with their own 40 page investor grade business plan,” says Tarrant.

Following the success of the initial sessions, Business Planning HQ has received enquiries about holding similar events at key start-up locations across the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.


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Marcus Tarrant, the founder of BusinessPlanningHQ.com is a leading or management consultant, entrepreneur and thought leader in the field of business planning and entrepreneurship. He has been intereviewed on television, radio and by key financial newspapers and journals. Marcus has a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters in Entrepreneurship. He has worked for leading strategy consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Lloyd Morgan, where he managed larged teams of consultants on highly complex planning initiatives. Business Planning HQ was developed to bring the advantages gained by employing a consultant, without the associated cost. Business Planning HQ has an exclusive license to the HyperQuestion technology to rapidly accelerate the time taken to develop a business plan from Days or Weeks to just a few hours.
Marcus Tarrant
P: +61 3 9005 9710 or +1 (415) 830 9079
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