Friday, April 6th, 2012
China over the last ten years has had a profound impact on Australia, given Australia’s resources base and its small market influenced by global trends and shifts in world production patterns. The impact will only become greater as China’s economy continues to grow and by 2050, as many predict, will be the largest in the world. How to build your business in Chinese markets? What are the key factors for Australian business engaging in China? Is your business capable of staying ahead of the game?

Now in the fourth year Australia-China BusinessWeek 2012 (ACBW) will be presented at the Windsor Hotel 30-31 May 2012. This year’s event provides attendees with industry leaders and China experts with case studies and insight into the China market and undertaking successful business in China.

ACBW 2012 includes both an English Forum and Chinese Forum (presented in Mandarin) and Networking & Business Matching sessions, Keynote Luncheon and the inaugural ACBW Financial Services Summit.

The ACBW Luncheon will focus on the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Australia & China.

David Thomas, CEO of Think Global Consulting, Chair of ACBW Forum, and Director of Australian China Business Council NSW said, "Australia's business and investment relationship with China will define the success of the next decade from an economic and trade perspective. Business leaders, entrepreneurs and forward looking companies have a duty to their stakeholders to develop a China strategy to protect and grow their market share in the years ahead. ACBW is a platform designed to facilitate this process and to provide exposure to the relevant experts, speakers and decision-makers on both sides of the Sino-Australia relationship."

ACBW 2012 English Forum 30 May 2012 • 10:00am–5:30pm
The key factors for Australian businesses engaging in China is success at capitalising on massive change, diversity and scale with agility and fast learning. Whatever the particular business strategy, it must be able to deal well with cultural differences and an ambiguous, complex and volatile environment. It must provide the essential ingredient of ‘best of breed’ business offerings capably and efficiently managed and presenting real value to Chinese customers and clients.

There is no right equation for engaging with China, but the critical elements for success are discernable for businesses alert to them and capable of harnessing them. ACBW 2012 English Forum provides the actual experiences of Australian enterprises currently engaging with China on three key elements: managing your money, managing your brand and managing your people. Some of the speakers include,

David Chu,Managing Partner,ShineWing HallChadwick
Christian Edwards,Senior Producer, Xinhua China News Channel
David Thomas,CEO, Think Global Consulting
Lisa Goodhand, Director, China Blueprint Consultants
Tom Parker,Director, Red Tape Consulting
John Rashleigh, Chairman, Australia Business Forum

ACBW 2012 Chinese Forum 30 May 2012 • 10:00am–5:30pm
The objective of ACBW 2012 Chinese forum is to present a holistic overview of Australia as a trade, investment and migration destination. Overseas Chinese delegates and local Chinese delegates will learn how to do business in Australia and where the opportunities are. Experts in each of these fields will present practical and up to date information on these subjects.

ACBW Chinese Forum will feature case studies of China's most recognised brands and their founders will talk about setting their business up in the Australian market, focusing on the challenges and how they overcame them.

ACBW 2012 Mix at Six Networking 30 May 2012•6:00pm–8:00pm
When it comes to doing business in China, you would have surely heard how important networking is. ACBW 2012 networking function provides exclusive opportunities to forge strong personal relationships with senior business people, government decision-makers and senior practitioners across many different fields in both Australia and China.

ACBW 2012 Financial Services Summit 31 May 2012•9:00am-12:00pm
During this Financial Services Summit, asset managers, advisors and brokers will provide insight into the important topics surrounding this sector and an up to date industry overview. The unique differentiator of this event that separates ACBW from others in the market is the investor focus. Institutional investors are often highly secretive about their investment strategies making them hard to identify and reach.

ACBW 2012 Keynote Luncheon 31 May 2012•12:00pm-2:00pm
This year marks an important milestone for Sino-Australian trade and cultural understanding and cooperation celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relations between Australia & China. ACBW 2012 Luncheon 2012 gives you the opportunity to reflect on this shared history, and also to look forward to the future.

VIP Toast-Mr Shi Weiqiang , Consul General , People’s Republic of China Melbourne

Knowledge of China quickly goes out of date. Therefore there is a challenge for Australian companies to make sure they keep up to date with the changes. You won’t learn more about doing business in China at any other event than you will by attending 4th year Australia-China BusinessWeek 30-31 May 2012 at The Hotel Windsor Melbourne.

ACBW 2012 Melbourne Registration NOW- OPEN!

Please mark your diary for this major Sino-Australia Business Event!

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