Friday, April 13th, 2012
Insider Publishing has just released Australia’s first student guide app for international students on iPhone and Android devices; called ‘Australia – Student Guide’.

In the free app, students can access a range of student recommendations of restaurants, shops, bars, local sites and more in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. They can then work out if it’s cheap, if it’s close to them and if the place is open right now. There’s also an events calendar. Articles about Australian culture, written by local students, are also featured. These include explaining Australian concepts such as ‘the round’ at the pub, how to eat Tim Tams and how to treat your date in Australia.

“International students mostly get given plain 'survival' info when they arrive, and nothing about getting the most out of their new city, on their terms,” says James Martin (25), Managing Director at Insider Publishing. “Many need help understanding the culture that locals take for granted.”

“We believe the best way to address this issue is to get the local students to pass on their knowledge of the city and local culture. Government and educational institutions really struggle to do this effectively but it’s what we do best.”

Until now, the team at Insider Publishing have been providing this support through print format; a free, annual, guidebook for newcomers, called ‘Insider Guides – International Student Guide’. Starting the business five years ago while studying at university in Adelaide, they have since expanded into Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

“We looked at the way international students use their mobiles and thought an app has to be the natural evolution of our guidebooks. We could build in unique functionality that would make it a really useful tool for students to have in their pockets”, Martin says.

Leading Australian app developer, Enabled Solutions, built the app’s framework. CEO Grant Hull says “international students are not likely to bring much with them, but their smart phone is a lifeline to family and friends back home, what’s more it is always with them. It makes perfect sense to provide them with information vital to their stay via this same device. The app will assist students develop essential social networks locally through engaging tools such as a calendar of events. We believe that this and many other factors make this app a global first.”

February data from Australian Education International (AEI) shows an 8.9% drop in international student numbers across Australia from 2010 to 2011. This has been caused by factors such as the high Australian dollar, visa regulations, increased competition and negative perceptions of safety.

James Martin says word of mouth from current students is important for attracting new students. “One of Australia’s biggest selling points is the lifestyle. It’s now more important than ever to ensure students that are already here have the tools to truly enjoy their Aussie experience.”
For more information and photos, please call James Martin from Insider Publishing:

Ph: 08 8277 1895
Mobile: 0403 680 876

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Insider Publishing

Insider Publishing was originally a project started by local university students. The aim of which was to create free social-based guidebooks for international students.

After establishing the Insider Guides - International Student Guide in the Adelaide market, the team worked with key government and private stakeholders in Victoria to secure funding for a Melbourne edition of Insider Guides in 2010.

Since then, they have successfully expanded the free, annual guide into Brisbane (through a Brisbane Marketing co-branding deal), Sydney (through a City of Sydney co-branding deal) and Perth.

In 2012, they launched Australaiia's first student guide app for iPhone and Android.

Insider Publishing has been shortlisted for the 2012 UniSA Pank Prize for Entrepreneurial Activity.
James Martin
P: 08 8277 1895
M: 0403680876


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