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Entertainment personalities and leaders of industries require a level of service that caters to their unique needs on a daily basis. They can now expect the same, tailored service during global travels, with Bespoke Concierge ensuring a memorable experience on the world’s most beautiful and adventurous continent – Australia.

Based just steps from the Sydney Opera House, the founder of Bespoke Concierge stated, "We pride ourselves on delivering unique and tailored experiences while providing trust and friendship throughout a client’s stay in Australia. Demanding clients expect the best - Bespoke Concierge delivers it quietly and confidently with style, 24 hours per day/7 days per week - providing the next level of luxury in Australian Travel.

"The best tables at the coolest restaurants at a moment’s notice. The slick hotels. The nightlife and the parties. The cool people of Australia. Luxury and everything we asked for plus more. They all created the memories - thanks for setting us up with a Bespoke VIP vacation."

-- Dwight Freeney & Keith Bulluck (NFL Super Bowl Champion & NFL All-Pros)

Bespoke’s founder continued, "Our value lies in the intuitive ability to ascertain a client’s personal energy. A CEO’s energy while traveling with his family will differ from a rock star’s - therefore the client’s energy defines the type of personal service and touch we ultimately deliver."

Clients wanting to experience diving with Great White Sharks, kayaking to beautiful beaches with a former Miss Australia or a sea plane ride to a private beach for a romantic champagne picnic have privileged access to Bespoke Concierge’s Black Book, filled with contacts that turn travel dreams into a reality.

Bespoke Concierge also caters to families and corporate groups. Sometimes a simple-yet-luxurious hike followed by a yacht hire with Sydney Harbour views that disembarks for a sumptuous, al fresco lunch is exactly what’s required by discerning guests.

"We had a wonderful time with you as our polite and friendly host. Thank you for showing us the gorgeous Sydney Harbour and Opera House views along with Sydney's stunning beaches. Your private lunch spot was superb! You took us off the beaten track and showed us something unique and unforgettable."

-- Cynthia & Edsel Ford (Ford Motor Company)

From Sydney to Melbourne, and from Perth to The Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef, Bespoke Concierge has its finger on the pulse of the best restaurants and clubs, private shopping experiences with champagne, and beachfront resorts that create a luxurious and memorable stay in Australia and beyond.

Bespoke’s Black Book makes the impossible possible – sold out events become available, and booked out restaurants suddenly have a table ready for Bespoke clients.

Bespoke Concierge’s founder isn’t shy, but the holder of a platinum rolodex only reveals his name and details when potential clients make genuine enquiries, something he says is "...absolutely imperative due to confidentiality. We are not tour operators that cater to the masses; we are an elite provider creating personal and tailored Australian experiences resulting in memories that last a lifetime."

Contacting Bespoke Concierge is as easy as visiting
For enquiries email: [email protected]
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Bespoke Concierge is designed to provide tailored, premium experiences in Australia and around the globe.

With trust, friendship, confidentiality, and luxury as the cornerstones of Bespoke Concierge’s service and travel philosophy, Bespoke makes dreams come true and memories that last a lifetime.

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Bespoke Concierge

Bespoke Concierge is designed to provide tailored, luxury travel experiences in Australia and around the globe.

From a private hike with the most beautiful views in the world…to helicopter flights, super yachts, and romantic beach request is too big or too small. Our local contacts and intimate knowledge enable premier access to Australia’s best restaurants, private shopping experiences, hotels, tours, and nightclubs. As a Bespoke Concierge client you never need lift a finger – we provide the convenience that creates memories of a lifetime.

Our experience extends to managing and working with celebrities and high profile clients who wish to experience luxury travel and entertainment in Australia. We pride ourselves on serving a vast array of discerning clients, whether they be individuals, families or corporate groups; who with busy schedules simply realise the value of letting a provider do the planning and organising.

Trust, friendship, confidentiality, and luxury are the cornerstones of Bespoke's service and travel philosophy.

Let Bespoke Concierge be your global black book and your key to unlocking the luxury of Australia.

Bespoke Concierge is located in Sydney CBD, Australia tending to your desires all over the world.
Michael James
P: +61 (0) 439 635 699


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