Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

My Stick Car Family has announced that they will begin rolling out their retail engagement program nationally after very successful trials in parts of New South Wales and Victoria over the past six months.

"People have really taken to our fresh designs and the fun that our family stickers deliver," said Kirstyn Gustafson, MyStickCarFamily's Business Development Manager.

"Our retail program is growing at a rate much higher than we'd expected, which tells us we're absolutely hitting the mark with the shops that are carrying the stickers.  This compliments our website strategy for http://www.mystickcarfamily.com.au nicely."

Family stickers have become all the rage. It is virtually impossible to go to a shopping centre or local sporting event without seeing large numbers of cars that have five or six stick figure character stickers on their rear windscreens.

For retailers, the stickers are a major draw card to attracting families to stores. This, in turn, results in higher sales of other goods.

Gustafson says, "Many of the retailers tell us that besides selling five or six of our stickers on average, families usually purchase other items while they're there. This is great for the retailer and makes them want to keep stocking out products."

With a rapidly growing network of retailers in the lucrative Lower North Shore area of Sydney, the company has moved from strength to strength and has grown to become one of the largest sellers of family stickers in Australia. The company is perfecting its retail engagement strategy, and is aggressively embarking on a recruitment campaign.

"For retailers with good walk-by traffic and complimentary items, our products offer an exceptionally good return. They don't take up much space in the store and customers are always happy with their purchase which generates repeat business for the retailer in general," said Gustafson.


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My Stick Car Family

My Stick Car Family supply unique family car stickers. Stickers are sold in retail outlets and on the website, mystickcarfamily.com.au. The company offers fundraising opportunities for schools and non-profit organisations. Based in Sydney the company supplies stickers nationally and internationally.
Kirstyn Gustafson
P: 0416 801318
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W: www.mystickcarfamily.com.au


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