Monday, April 2nd, 2012
In his latest market commentary, Michael Yardney, of Metropole Property Strategists suggests the uncertainty in our markets may hold opportunity for home buyers and property investors

In his latest market update he describes the boom and gloom economy. On the one hand our economy is still growing – unlike many others, underpinned by a mining boom.

But on the other hand, consumers and businesses are gloomy.

And it much the same with property – some areas are faring well, but many aren’t.

Yardney explains that the number of properties on the market is high, properties are remaining on the market for sale longer and many buyers are still nervous about making a decision.

Well located properties in the middle price range ($450,000 - $850,000) in prime locations and with an element of scarcity, are still selling well; even though there is clearly less interest from both owner occupiers and investors than there was before.

However “B” & “C” class properties are not selling well.

Some have dropped in value by up to 10% and some can’t be given away (well…it’s not really as bad as that, but you’d have to give a very steep discount for someone to buy them).

The market has about 10 months' supply of housing for sale, up from a more normal level of four months of stock.

“ Unless we see a substantial improvement in sentiment or in the economy we are not likely to see much change in house prices over the next six months.” says Yardney

Read his full market update here:

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Uncertainty may hold opportunity for property investors



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