Monday, April 2nd, 2012
A well-respected naturopath says combating the cold and flu during the cooler months is as simple as choosing easily digested foods that will help your body quickly take in essential nutrients.

Gold Coast naturopath Scott Collins says with so much being thrown at us in modern day life, it’s easy to see why we need to ensure our nutritional needs are being absorbed at a faster rate.

“The best way to boost the immune system and to fuel the body is by ensuring you’re getting enough key nutrients that are easily digestible,” Mr Collins says.

“As a naturopath, I see many of my clients aren’t digesting or absorbing nutrients properly.

“I prefer and recommend the use of super food powders, because they’re easily mixed with water or juice into an easily absorbable nutritious form.”

Mr Collins says from a naturopathic perspective one of the most important aspects of immune health is the digestive tract.

“The gut represents around 80 per cent of our immune defenses, and is responsible for absorbing nutrition,” Mr Collins says.

“During times of stress, such as a change in season, our digestive function can become compromised, which reduces our ability to digest food properly.

“We are subjected to various stressors on a daily basis like emotional stress, chemical stress, electromagnetic stress and physical stress.

“Super Foods that are powdered into small highly digestible particles, make it much easier for the digestive system to absorb their essential nutrients.”

He says products like fruit and vegetable powders from companies like Super Sprout can help boost your immune system naturally through ramping up the nutrition in your everyday meals.

The Super Sprout range of 100 per cent pure fruit and vegetable powders retain all the nutrients, minerals and flavours as if you were buying fresh produce off the shelf at your local supermarket or grocer.

Super Sprout powders are a different way to think about food and are a simple addition to your favourite recipe while giving it a real boost in nutritional value.

Super Sprout CEO Melinda Richards says the most effective types of food for strengthening the immune system are ginger, lemon and broccoli sprout.

“By adding more ginger into your meals you will enhance the protective functions of your immune system as it contains two natural antibiotics, it is a very strong antioxidant and has the ability to kill bacteria internally,” Ms Richards says.

“Ginger naturally combats cold viruses, chills and fever and research shows it restores the immune system back to proper functioning.

“Lemon is also a natural immune-system booster, being very rich in Vitamin C it effectively builds up your body’s immunity.

“Not many people think of broccoli sprout for colds, but it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and glutathione which all stimulate the immune system and protect cells against damage.”

The entire Super Sprout range includes lemon, ginger, broccoli sprout, wheatgrass sprouts, apple, strawberry, beetroot, carrot, blueberry and barleygrass sprouts.

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