Friday, October 9th, 2009

- Contour CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow RRP $189.00
- Shaped to accommodate the CPAP machine
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A new sleep aid pillow is helping sleep apnea sufferers achieve a better night’s sleep.

The CPAP machine is the most common and effective treatment for sleep apnea, and while it does help sufferers to breathe better, the cumbersome device can make for a difficult night’s sleep, as sufferers struggle to find a comfortable position, while being attached to the machine.

Bad Backs ( has released the Contour CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow, specifically designed to fit the breathing device, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep for apnea sufferers. In 2008 the CPAP Sleep Aid pillow was identified in US magazine, Respiratory Management, as one of "Respiratory's Most Influential Products".

While CPAP is the most effective treatment for sleep apnea, non-compliance is a big issue. It’s estimated that over 65% of patients use the machine for just four hours per night when it should be used all night, while others will only use it for a few night’s a week, which is mainly due to discomfort. The Contour CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow is an ideal solution for sleep apnea sufferers, allowing for greater freedom of movement to achieve a more comfortable night’s sleep while using CPAP.

The Contour CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow is made from high-density foam and gently supports the head and neck. It helps reduce the sleep mask pressure on the face, and allows for a variety of sleeping positions, including side, back and stomach.

The Contour CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow was assessed, with excellent reviews by two Australian CPAP providers. According to Nicholas Bird, Director of Bird Healthcare, “The pillow makes a big difference in mask comfort and reduces mask leakage making sleep disturbances minimal. It’s a very comfortable pillow and can significantly increase sleep comfort.”

Features and Benefits
• Allows for freedom of movement during sleep
• Can be used by side, back, and stomach sleepers
• Comfortably supports head and neck
• Made from high-density foam
• Reduces sleep mask leaks and sleep mask pressure on face
• Accommodates any CPAP mask
• Manages the rubbing while taking the weight of the tubing off the user
• Pillow cover easily zips off for gentle machine washing
• 5 year warranty

How does CPAP work?
CPAP therapy works by preventing the airway from closing during sleep. It is used at night through a nasal or facial mask held in place by velcro straps around the patient’s head. The mask is connected by a tube to a small air compressor. The CPAP machine sends air under pressure through the tube and into the mask, where it imparts positive pressure to the upper airways, preventing the tissues in the back of the throat from collapsing during sleep.

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