Friday, April 13th, 2012

Nik Halik, a successful investor and the first Australian civilian to fly into space, joins a range of celebrity speakers at the Leaders and Visionaries Conference to be held in Adelaide from April 27-29.

An educational program for wealth creation in a time of economic turmoil, the conference brings world-class wealth creation talent to Adelaide for the first time and represents a unique opportunity to be inspired and informed, says organiser Xenia Iannou, one of South Australia's most successful businesswomen.

"The three days will be packed with strategies for building a rock solid wealth creation plan and identifying how wealth creation strategies work together not in isolation to create the life you always dreamed about," says Ms Iannou, who is an author, property manager and investor.

Nik Halik is a business visionary, having predicted the 2008 GFC in March of 2003 at a seminar in Queensland. Nik is also one of the first explorers to dive five miles beneath the ocean and land on the bow of the Titanic. He has summitted Mount Everest and was one of the privileged selected explorers in the world to view the curvature of the earth from the edge of space. Nik is the very first flight-qualified and certified civilian Australian astronaut and set to become the first private space explorer to rocket to outer space and live on the international space station.

Joining Nik are:

Nique Stewart, creator of Foxtel TV show "Success Factor" and a leading empowerment coach. Nique has worked with celebrities such as Sting, Jay-Z and Dr. Phil.

Sally Curtis- author of Creating Collective Influence and Your Undiscovered Wealth Network

Mike Handcock - Award-winning speaker and global entrepreneur

Dave Rogers - Social Entrepreneur, author and Spirit of Enterprise Award winner

Steve Navra - Property Investment strategist

Shaune Clark - Maverick Mind Maestro and Six figure speaker trainer.

Attendees also have the chance to win a 3-day cruise, and all attendees receive a free 4 suburb property report and an array of educational material.

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