Saturday, March 31st, 2012

People are being asked to spend 30 days focusing on what's good in their lives as part of a global campaign, Grateful in April.

Grateful in April ( – now in its second year, is a (free) global campaign to encourage people to focus on what was already good in their lives.

It started in Australia last year and quickly went viral on social media. Already a number of sporting heroes, musicians, radio/tv annoucers, comedians and business people have contributed to the site. This includes Merrick Watts, Dan Sultan, Fitzy and Wippa, Adam Spencer, Brett Kirk and more. 

The free campaign is designed to get people feeling great about themselves, no matter what circumstances they are facing. It’s amazing what can occur when you find ways to be grateful for what you have.

Grateful in April is an initiative of m.a.d.woman (making a difference), who was named Australia's most socially responsible organisation in the 2011 Telstra Business Awards.

Founder Melina Schamroth started the campaign by asking people if they were allowing good things to come into their lives.

Grateful in April askes people to spend 30 days developing daily habits to shift their thoughts into an attitude of gratitude and watch what positive outcomes that attracts.

"And why are we doing this? Because we want people thinking and acting in ways that make them feel great about themselves and the world around them," Schamroth says.

She's personally reaped benefits from formulating an attitude of gratitude and has had amazing feedback from people who followed the program last year.

People signed up for free and received 30 daily tips on ways to be grateful for what they have. Grateful in April trended on Twitter and received international attention. "People told us they had amazing life changes and results".

"I started it because I know that by noticing and acknowledging all the great things that currently occur in your life, you will focus on creating more of the same. Seeing the good around you will allow you to look at situations and people in a different light and experience them more positively," Schamroth said.


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Grateful in April - an initiative of m.a.d.woman - making a difference

Grateful in April is a global campaign to get people focused on feeling good about what they’ve already got in their lives. It’s amazing what can occur when you find ways to be grateful for what you have.
Melina Schamroth
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