Thursday, March 29th, 2012
Activ8me Provided the Wireless Broadband Connection to the First Participant in Australia's National Broadband Network, to Mr. Ken Geenty of Armidale, NSW

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- (MARKET WIRE)-- Activ8me, an approved retail service provider of the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN), has connected Ken Geenty of Armidale, New South Wales to wireless broadband. He is the first resident of Armidale to receive NBN's new Fixed Wireless Service as the test phase begins.

Ken Geenty is the first of about 700 eligible households to connect to the NBN Wireless test phase. Activ8me, one of Australia's largest rural Internet providers, continues its commitment to connect remote and regionally located Australians to high-speed Internet and telephone services.

These are services that are greatly needed by the residents of places like Armidale. The new NBN fixed wireless broadband service will provide them with access that is beneficial to both their businesses and their personal lives. "The NBN service is significantly faster than the satellite option I used previously, I now get a 12 megabit per second download compared to half a megabit in the past. It's a huge difference and a much better experience," said Mr. Geenty.

Due to the remote nature of Armidale fast and accurate communications are in many ways more important than they are for residents living in larger towns and cities. For example, living in a remote location means that travel distances are longer, more difficult and more expensive. "As a research and development manager in the sheep industry, I am very reliant on a good broadband service to keep up-to-date with new research and to manage my travel bookings and schedule," Mr. Geenty explained.

Gordon Cope, the manager of a five-member Activ8me team is in charge of the New England region and signing up residents to the NBN network. He has lived in the area for 20 years and said, "There is a real excitement in the area about the new service."

Upon completion, the NBN Fibre will serve 93% of Australians. NBN Fixed Wireless and NBN Satellite will provide the remaining 7% with access to fast and dependable communications. Although the numbers are smaller these are people who will benefit greatly from the connectivity.

Activ8me CEO Tony Bundrock acknowledges that installing both NBN Wireless Broadband and Satellite services can be costly and time consuming. Yet the rewards of bringing connectivity to people who have never really been able to reliably connect make it all worthwhile. "The Activ8me NBN Wireless service is ideal for residents who live on the town fringes where a person may have received poor or unstable Internet connections in the past."

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