Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Following news that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange intends to run for a Senate seat in the Australian parliament, the Liberal Democrats have responded today with a clear message: “We are the political party that’s just right for you!”

Christopher Steele, State President of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in South Australia, said that “Anyone who wants more freedom and less government interference in their personal lives, would naturally love the LDP and should join us and support us.”

“In the articles I’ve just read, it’s claimed that Julian Assange “would be a fierce defender of free media”, Steele said. “Further, it shows that Mr Assange plans to be a ‘defender of liberty’ and for ‘the right of citizens … to live lives free from state interference’.

“That stacks up exactly with the Liberal Democrats, the only Australian party that stands for unequivocal reduction of government interference in every aspect of our lives”, said Mr Steele.

Mr Steele added, that, “As a self-described libertarian, Mr Assange would no doubt embrace the LDP’s libertarian principles of less taxation, too. And since Julian Assange has not yet decided in which state to stand, we’d like to offer that, subject to our usual processes, he may wish to nominate for pre-selection with the SA branch of the LDP.”

Mr Steele explained that “The LDP’s philosophy simply put, means smaller and less intrusive government. This means more social freedom, for example to make our own choices about such things as voluntary euthanasia or whether or not to smoke pot. Also, it means more economic freedom, with considerably reduced taxation (and therefore government spending) which leaves every individual with considerably more discretionary income each week to spend on what suits him/her.

In conclusion Mr Steele commented: “We are pretty confident that anyone who identifies with such ideals of greater personal freedom, even Julian Assange, will find that the Liberal Democrats are the ideal party. So anyone interested should join us, which is free, and support us, starting from right now…Including, we hope, Mr Assange.”

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The Liberal Democratic Party stands for less tax, less government interference and...less government. It's the political party you should join if you want more freedom to live life your way. And it's free to join! See (in South Australia) or (all other states).
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