Friday, October 9th, 2009
In the face of the ongoing drought, many Australian schools and organisations are considering giving up the struggle to maintain their grass playing fields and taking the drastic option of replacing it with artificial turf. It’s an option that is not only a tragedy for our kids, but one that can carry significant risks.

Storm Sustainability has researched a much better option. It’s called KISSS Sub-surface Textile Irrigation and it’s a cost-effective, water efficient way to keep your grounds and playing fields fresh, green and natural.

6 reasons why KISSS & Natural Turf is a better option than artificial turf:
  1. COST: The total cost of installing KISSS Sub-surface Textile Irrigation, relaying drought tolerant turf and adding topsoil, equates to around a third of the cost to lay artificial grass on the same sized area.(Factors will vary depending on average evaporation rates, turf quality, level of the surface and the availability of water and power.)
  2. MAINTENANCE: KISSS involves simple maintenance that can be performed by your groundsman. Artificial turf requires regular maintenance by a professional using specialised equipment and machinery.
  3. HEALTH RISKS: 5 major issues associated with artificial turf have been identified – toxicity, bacterial retention, burns, injury through loss of traction, increased incidence of grazes.
  4. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS: KISSS has zero negative impact to the environment. Artificial turf has many, including toxic run-off and also requires watering during hot weather so it won’t help you save water.
  5. LONGEVITY: KISSS lasts up to 20 years. Artificial turf commonly lasts 7 – 10 years.
  6. PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS: William Crain of the City College of New York’s Psychology Department recently stated that replacing natural grass playing fields with artificial turf can hinder children’s creative play and affect their development. (

So why not consider giving your playing fields a KISSS instead?

KISSS is an Australian invention. It is manufactured by an all-Australian company and is already in use by dozens of schools and organisations around Australia. In fact, it’s even being used in Canberra to keep the gardens of Parliament House green – and Canberra is known to be one of the worst drought affected areas in the country.

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KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation is a more cost effective, water efficient was to keep your grounds and playing fields fresh green and natural.


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