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According to the latest Roy Morgan Single Source data, Network 10’s MasterChef Australia boasts the highest number of viewers who are ‘confident consumers’.
The Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence measure includes weekly tracking on the level of confidence that consumers are feeling about their personal and family financial situation and the Australian economy, and whether they think now is a good or bad time to buy major household items.

In 2011 the total number of confident consumers who watched MasterChef Australia (1.753m) was 31% greater than the second highest ranked program, Seven Network’s Monday-Friday News (1.337m). Just behind Seven News in the top 10 was 2011 newcomer Downton Abbey (1.241m), then Dancing with the Stars (1.233m) and Packed to the Rafters (1.227m).

Top 10 TV programs ranked on Total Consumer Confidence (among Australians aged 14+)

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January-December 2011 (n = 52,519). Note: *‘Total Confident’ represents consumers who feel Very Confident or Confident. The ‘Top 10’ is based on regular TV programs with the most Total Confident viewers.

In 2011 the Seven Network dominated, with seven out of the top 10 TV programs (ranked on Consumer Confidence), comprising news/current affairs, dramas and reality programs. The balance of the top 10 comprised three reality programs from Network 10: MasterChef Australia, Biggest Loser and Junior MasterChef. The Nine Network just missed out on the top 10 based on ‘Total Confident’ viewers, with Underbelly ranked in 11th place. Underbelly did, however, have more ‘Very Confident’ viewers than Australia’s Got Talent or Today Tonight, as detailed in the following table.

Consumer Confidence detail, ranked on ‘VERY CONFIDENT’ viewers (000’s)

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January-December 2011 (n = 52,519). All figures in the above table are 000’s.

Looking at just the ‘Very Confident’ consumers changes the top 10 program ranking somewhat, with Network 10’s Junior MasterChef and Biggest Loser and Nine Network’s Underbelly all moving up in the rankings ahead of the Seven Network’s Australia’s Got Talent and Today Tonight.

Although Seven News ranks second on total number of viewers who are ‘Very Confident’ consumers (as shown in the above table), news and current affairs programs generally have fewer ‘Very Confident’ viewers as a percentage of their total audience and therefore more ‘Unconfident’ viewers.

Top 10 TV programs* Consumer Confidence audience composition, ranked on % ‘Total Confident’

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January-December 2011 (n = 52,519). * Top 10 program list is based on highest ‘Total Confident’ consumers (000’s). Note: Programs in this chart are ranked based on highest % of ‘Total Confident’ viewers.

In fact, looking at the audience composition of the top 10 programs (based on ‘total confident’ consumers in 000’s), the three Network Ten reality programs – MasterChef Australia, Junior MasterChef and Biggest Loser – recorded the highest proportions of viewers who are ‘Very Confident’ consumers, and the highest proportions of viewers who make up the ‘Total Confident’ consumers segment.

All programs in the top 10 demonstrated an audience with a high proportion of confident consumers, with 65-69% of viewers for each program indicating that they are Confident or Very Confident consumers.

In terms of attracting confident consumers, MasterChef Australia was the clear winner in 2011.  It not only had the highest number of viewers who are Very Confident consumers, and the highest number of viewers who comprise the ‘Total Confident’ segment (either Very Confident or Confident), but it also recorded the highest proportion of ‘Total Confident’ viewers as a percentage of its total viewers.

George Pesutto, Industry Director – Media, Roy Morgan Research says:
“Consumer confidence is quickly becoming a critical measure of consumer attitude and likelihood of purchase.  Audience segmentation on variables such as ‘purchase intention’, ‘consumer confidence’ or ‘early adoption’ is becoming more prevalent as marketers look to reach high value, active consumers within their target audiences.

“Segmenting target audiences in this way can help brands to create more targeted and efficient marketing campaigns, maximising campaign results and return on investment.  It’s about being better targeted to consumers who are ready to buy now, and minimising wasted effort on consumers who aren’t in the market, even though they might be counted as part of a brand’s overall target audience.

“Consumers with a confident outlook to the economic future are now the most valuable target market, particularly for higher value goods and services, and understanding these confident consumers is key to success in many categories.”

The detailed Masterchef Australia Viewers Profile and the Junior Masterchef Viewers Profile are available.  An extensive range of media profiles, across internet, radio, television, pay TV and more provide a broad understanding of the target audience, in terms of demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage in Australia.

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