Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
The adoption of mobility has allowed customers to interact with organisations on-the-go and has enabled employees to work and collaborate with other employees while off-site. This and other advantages have sent the corporate world into a headlong rush into the adoption of mobility without a formal mobile strategy in place. Without such a strategy, organisations may experience problems such as:

  • Issues in coordinating data, access and applications across multiple channels
  • Technology issues preventing mobile applications from working
  • Servers and infrastructure may be ill-equipped to deal with a surge in activity
  • Existing processes may not be suitable for mobility

“The development of strategies around mobile solutions is imperative in the corporate world,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“As mobility continues to grow with added impetus from the popularity of cloud computing, users continue to expect and demand more capabilities from their mobile devices and the environments they connect to. Therefore, planning ahead through a mobile strategy , both in terms of the problems that need to be solved and the way in which they are solved, will help an organisation minimise the trials and tribulations of implementing a mobile strategy as well as being prepared if and when problems do arise,” explains Kareem.

Through such a plan, an organisation will be able to focus on the user experience.

“Gone are the days when an unnatural user interface experience was an acceptable price to obtain functionality. With the availability of rich platform-specific tools, as well as HTML5, developers have so much more at their fingertips to work with than ever before,” continued Kareem.

“In the corporate world, this needs to be dealt with at a strategic level and no doubt, as strategies are being developed and plans are being executed, the range of technology options available will continue to grow and mature.”

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