Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
The Australian Democrats only MP, South Australian David Winderlich, has become an independent.

The party failed to achieve any substantial increase in membership over the three months since his declaration that unless the party recruited 1,000 new members he would go independent.

David Winderlich said, “I issued this challenge in the hope that the party might get behind this one last attempt to restore the party’s credibility and legitimacy as a political party.

“The response from the public and the party was loud and clear. There is no longer the community support required for the Democrats to continue and the Democrats lack the self-belief to go out and win that support.

“It was a difficult decision for me to make but I believe it will ultimately be the right one and I know that many members of the Democrats feel the same way.

"My campaign will have a major focus on water, rights and honest government."

“I will be supporting other likeminded independents across South Australia to present a community-driven alternative to the major parties at the next election.

“Independents are generating the groundswell for real change across the state and I believe we can make the difference” said David.

For further comment please contact David Winderlich (0418 851 916) or Sandy Biar (Media Adviser, 0423 170 159)

For further comment about David's work in the community and announcement:

Prof. Di Bell - 0427 554 194

Mr. John Caldecott, Water Action Coalition Convenor - 0427 976 503

Mr. Simon Cowham, Resident of Angaston campaigning against the Penrice Mine's corporate irresponsibility - 0411 560 038

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David Winderlich

David Winderlich is South Australia's newest Independent MP.
Mr. Sandy Biar
P: 08 8237 9476
M: 0423 170 159


South Australian Australian Democrat David Winderlich has become an independent.



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