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The media has done a good job covering the risks involved in overseas property investing. Unfortunately, the Internet has opened up new platforms for scams and unscrupulous fraudsters. However, none of this seems to be putting off prospective buyers who smell a bargain.

Market researchers are reporting that consumer interest in overseas property is returning to pre-recessionary levels with a third of those surveyed expressing some interest in purchasing property abroad. While there are risks involved, the rewards are too numerous to ignore. With the soaring Australian dollar and many US homes well below market value, investment in American property is becoming increasingly attractive. In locations, such as Florida, which have been hardest hit by oversupply and unemployment, investors can find even greater bargains.

Property Women’s director, Rachel Barnes, is one of those adventurous Australians who couldn’t resist investing in American real estate. Along with her partner, John Fowler, they have purchased five properties in the US. They will join other US property experts on Property Women’s third USA tour 30th April to 4th May, 2012 to visit four hotspots in Florida.

“There are so many rewards to buying overseas,” Barnes notes. “Just as tempting as the wide range of choices and bargain prices is the exceptional rental yields. Buying at the bottom of the market is also a great opportunity for those with negatively geared property to give them some cash flow balance and geographic diversification.”

Add to those facts that with recent changes in the law, many Australians can now borrow money through their Super Fund to purchase and renovate property. No wonder investors are jumping at the chance to travel and experience all that Florida has to offer. Who can resist all that great weather, magnificent beaches, non-stop night life, and all the theme parks and a chance to profit from one of the hardest hit states in the US real estate crash?

However, when considering an overseas property investment, there’s always an element of risk involved. The key to successful overseas property investments is to do your homework. Without due diligence, you could get sucked in by dishonest property developers in a country renowned for high pressure sales and scams. In that case, you take all the risks and these scammers reap all the rewards.

Property Women is an independent company that does not sell property. As a result, there is no pressure to buy, although the opportunity and assistance is available for those who wish to invest. Their goal is to provide potential investors with the facts they need, to make fully informed decisions about what to buy, where to buy, and who to deal with in a foreign country.

On their five-day property conference tour, participants will be introduced to a number of different contacts that Property Women have identified, including a banker, accountant, attorney, wholesaler, renovator, as well as property managers who have been recommended by investors who have actually used them. Property Women receives no commissions from these contacts, so there is no pressure to purchase or use a particular company or individual.

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Property Women

Property Women is dedicated to empowering and inspiring women by giving them the tools and networks to create pathways to success in any property market. There are many ways women can choose to participate in this process of learning through Property Women, through face-to-face workshops and seminars; a year-long ‘Brilliant Diamonds’ program; a series of self-study CD packs; overseas educational trips to a different country each year (in 2012 they’re heading to Florida in the U.S.), or simply the streams of regular free tips that are emailed to a network of around 20,000 women across Australia and New Zealand.

Property Women encourages women to have a clear goal about why they are investing and to develop their own unique strategy that serves their desired outcomes in both life and finance. Women are connected with experts in finance, tax, law, renovations, property development, property management, and property improvements and also with like-minded women who share their own personal stories of investing success and what they’ve learnt along the way. The team at Property Women believes if you’re not having fun along the way then there’s no point doing it – and this philosophy is infused into everything they do.
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