Friday, March 16th, 2012
The National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX), Australia’s second largest stock exchange, today announced that it will be lowering its trading fees to 0.1 basis points per buy and sell. The fee change is scheduled to take effect from the 2nd April and will coincide with the launch of direct internet trading access for individual investors via trading software from Paritech.

Emlyn Scott, CEO of the National Stock Exchange, said

“NSX currently charges $5.00 per side per trade. The new trading fees will represent a 90% reduction on average on the current fees. We have introduced this change to create better value for brokers and investors on the NSX.”

“The change to NSX’s trading fees is just one of many changes NSX is implementing to ensure that companies, brokers and investors can access the best possible listing services in Australia.”

Full details of the fee changes can be found at:

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The National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) is Australia's second largest listing stock exchange. It is an Australian Market Licence holder specialising in listing growth companies. NSX currently has 120 securities listed on its market with a combined market capitalization in excess of $4.0 billion. NSX has 18 participating brokers and 33 nominated adviser firms. NSX also offers an outsourced hosting solution to a number foreign stock exchanges utilising its leading edge technology and market expertise. Further information on the National Stock Exchange of Australia can be found at
Emlyn Scott, CEO of the National Stock Exchange
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