Friday, March 16th, 2012

The ultimate celebrity brand, it’s no surprise to have celebrities coming into our showroom and on this occasion we Being had half of the boy band Blue come in to see our new range before getting ready to go to Asia for their ‘Greatest Hits’ tour.

Simon Webbe and Duncan James were excited to see Tresor Paris’ latest Autumn/Winter collection, featuring the new Saturne and Bellatrix ranges.

Simon already being a huge fan of the brand couldn’t resist some more jewellery to add to his collection and Duncan also a fan of the brand was eager to come into the showroom.

We wanted to make sure the boys would shine on stage so Simon was presented with a sparkling array of Tresor Paris jewellery including the Epierre bracelet from the Triton collection, made of white crystals and magnetite and a pair of Saint Remy red earrings to compliment his already superstar look.

Duncan took a liking to our special Lourdes necklace, consisting of; magnetite silver cross pendent, white crystals and magnetite stones. Magnetite is a semi-precious natural healing stone, known to be beneficial for the circulatory system and good for the skin. Duncan sported his Lourdes necklace with the double-corded Cristinalle bracelet from the new Saturne range.

It’s safe to say the boys from Blue were over the moon with their new Tresor Paris jewellery, they were so pleased they left the show room wearing their new pieces, so the boys won’t be feeling so ‘Blue’ in Asia.

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Tresor Paris - The renowned niche boutique Hasbani, located in the heart of London’s diamond district “Hatton Garden”. Popularly famed for their wholesale of diamonds, created a reproduction of their Parisian inspired bracelets in a more affordable way for everyone. Thus eventually leading to this exquisite Crystal collection, Tresor Paris. Maurice Lousky and Sam Hasbani created a brand that bridges the gap between diamonds and luxury fashion jewellery.
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